Dungeons of the seven seas


Please note this suggestion ties into my Blood Moon Event suggestion, if you haven’t already seen it please click [HERE]


This is going to be a very long thread so please bear with me. After crew islands being
implemented, I realised this may not be what all players want. And even if you do want
crew islands you’re gonna want this. I bring you: Dungeons!

Let’s start at the beginning.

A simple overview of Dungeons

Dungeons are a PvE based challenge that you can venture into with friends, crews or enemies.
The rewards are great but the pain greater. These are no simple walk in the park, even gaining
access is a challenge, to begin with! Dungeons are places of terror and pain, they are filled
to the brim with nightmares from the deep that even mother earth can’t keep concealed. To gain
access to one of these you first have to collect 8 key fragments and make yourself a key.
Once you have a key, you and only 3 other players can fit through the portal without destroying
the rules of nature.

Dungeon Keys

Dungeon keys can ONLY be obtained through, either, a Tier 2 - 3 sunken chest, a legendary chest, a [Tier 6 mob] or from the store! These items are harnassed with the mystical powers of the seven seas which can temporarily grant you and 3 more players access to a dungeon.

Dungeon Key

Key Fragments

Key fragments are fragments of a key that has been destroyed and scattered over land and sea only to fall into your hands again. These fragments can be found in anything from Tier 3 - 5 treasure chests, legendary chests, rank rewards and Tier 3 - 6 mobs!
Collect 8 key fragments and you’re in luck! Bring them to the wizard and he can work his crafty little
fingers and fuse them together to present you with a dungeon key! For a reasonable price of course.

Key Fragment

Fragment Fusion


Welcome to the realm of the dark and the wicked, the place where the worst go, a place between life and death and of constant torment.
Beware these places are no easy task, come prepared or don’t come at all for these dungeons house the deadliest and strongest of your enemies.
A dungeon has tiers that you have to battle your way through. Mobs spawn throughout each tier and will get progressively harder to kill the higher you get inside the dungeon. The tiers range from Tier 1 - 10. Loot can be grabbed in many ways: killing mobs, looting chests, defeating bosses. Bosses will appear in the dungeon that at Tier 5 and Tier 10, these bosses will drop extra loot but will be far more powerful than the average mob. If you die it’s over, you can’t rejoin the fight but you will keep all your gear and rewards you have in your inventory!

As you progress through the tiers of the dungeon loot availability and value will increase:

  • Tier 1 - Mobs have a 20% chance to drop common loot, 23 - 25 chests hold common loot.
  • Tier 2 - Mobs have a 50% chance to drop common loot, 20 - 22 chests hold common loot.
  • Tier 3 - Mobs have an 80% chance to drop common loot, 18 - 19 chests hold un-common loot.
  • Tier 4 - Mobs have a 20% chance to drop un-common loot and an 80% chance to drop common loot, 15 - 17 chests hold un-common loot.
  • Tier 5 - Mobs have a 40% chance to drop un-common loot and an 80% chance to drop common loot, 12 - 14 chests hold un-common loot.
  • Tier 6 - Mobs have a 20% chance to drop rare loot and a 60% chance to drop un-common loot, 10 - 11 chests hold rare loot.
  • Tier 7 - Mobs have a 40% chance to drop rare loot and an 80% chance to drop un-common loot, 7 - 9 chests hold rare loot.
  • Tier 8 - Mobs have a 60% chance to drop rare loot and an 80% chance to drop un-common loot, 5 - 6 chests hold epic loot.
  • Tier 9 - Mobs have a 60% chance to drop epic loot and an 80% chance to drop rare loot, 3 - 4 chests hold legendary loot.
  • Tier 10 - Mobs have a 100% chance to drop legendary loot, 1 - 3 chests hold legendary loot.

Advancing Through Tiers

Mobs Left


Throughout the dungeon, the mobs will get harder to beat and more powerful. Some may just be normal zombies with a bit of armour, others may be weapons built for brute force ready to smash your skull in. Watch out!

Here are some variants of mobs:

Skull Crusher
This mob can deal extreme amounts of damage using its speed ability. Don’t let it charge up because if it does you’re in trouble.

Swords Man
This guy really annoys me in a sort of piercing pain in my head way, oh and armour way.

A zombie that has been infected again? How does that even work?!

Web Slinger
Even satan went wrong when he made this, a skeleton that shoots webs isn’t natural!

Ever been blinded so bad you can’t see your sword in front of your face? No? Well, you just wait and see, or not.

When he keeps his distance he does more damage but when you get to close he disappears? Bring a bow mate.

Thank you so much everyone who read through all of this. Please remember this all hypothetical and can easily be changed to more fit what the devs want.
Feel free to leave your comments and own suggestions below! If you were confused by the Tier 6 mob mention, please click [HERE] to see my thread that explains all that.

Note: This is all created using a series of holograms, NPCs and nicknames and I haven’t actually programmed the plugin myself.

Happy sailing everyone! :smile: :heart:

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I know they already have dungeons planned, but this is a very well thought out idea on how to implement them, good job.


This looks really good and extremely thought out. I think this would be cool implemented into the server.



Thanks so much! :smile: :heart:


Seems like another great idea! I hope they add it to uncharted, would make things more interesting for sure


Still say this should be added. Just saying :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with Mr. Curse.