Do you like cats or dogs


Personally i like dogs one of my fav breed is chihuahua

Post your fav down below


That’s my cat. Do I have to say anything else?



You can say your cat/dogs breed if you like

but your cat is looking bootifull


KittyKittyKitty I like kitty pls give me kitty pic and kitty vid


That’s a lizard, we’ve been over this :man_facepalming:


Kek lmao XD


Both ! <3


<3 <3 <3
i agree ;O bootiiiffulll


I’ve always been a fan of all animals, but my preference has changed over the years. Cats can be good when you want a pet to care for, but aren’t looking for an animal that requires more constant attention. Dogs of course tend to be more of “your friend”, wanting to be around you, play, know what you’re doing etc.

We had a cat for a few years, and she was great, though ever since my son was born, she showed a lot of unhappiness around him, and she’s never been a fan of little ones. We found someone needing an animal friend, and she’s been a lot happier. We have plans to get a dog due to my sons interest in them, and a dog would better suit our lifestyle and dynamic now.


But kitty good too ok mam


I prefer dogs I have no pic tho sry :confused: