Day 1 - Changes and Fixes!


Day 1 Changes!

We’ve made a few changes to the server today, as well as fixes to various reported issues. Let’s go over what’s changed:


  • Added /report and /staffMode for our moderators
  • The Blacksmith now sells a Guard skill gem to help with those earlier quests!
  • Added more ores and chests to the Open Seas
  • Adjusted level scales, making it easier to level up and obtain rewards!
  • Adjusted various costs and values of items in the Trading Post
  • Premium ranks now earn more XP from completing quests:
    • Privateer earns 10% more XP
    • Captain earns 20% more XP
    • Admiral earns 30% more XP
  • Removed quest task for requiring spending a skill point, due to amount of confusion.
  • Bumped server slots to 250.


  • Fixed an issue regarding /is kick
  • Fixed various quest progression issues
  • Fixed combat tags triggering penalties if the server were to stop unexpectedly.
  • Fixed island boat not being spawn protected
  • Fixed islands not giving generation bonuses of ores for some templates

We have a lot of cool stuff planned for the future, and can’t wait for you to see it all! New features, suggestions, and additional will start being seen over this next week as we continue to monitor the feedback of our creators and community.

If you’d like to celebrate the launch with us, don’t forget that we’re running a 15% off rank sale until Sunday! Your support has been amazing so far. Visit the shop.


Wow devon, great moves, keep it up! Proud of you.