Davy Bones And The Greedy Octopus [Open Seas Build]


Hey all! Here is my New submission for the Open Seas Build Contest.
This is called Davy Bones And The Greedy Octopus
Good Luck to all and have great rest of your day (or night)!

Stay Rad :sunglasses:
~blue_sloth or (Jess)


I think it’s really nice, however I think that the chest itself needs more details. Use stairs or something to create divots in the wood to show that is it aged or just general signs of wear-and-tear. I think it would really help improve your build!


thanks :smiley: might scrap this one though if my other build works the way I want


I like your new build too, but once again, give the chest more details. Also maybe try iron blocks instead of gray stained clay for the sword blade. (If you want the iron I could buy it for you if you really needed me to.)