Customizable island ships


A way to change the ship’s sails colour would be a cool idea which can be done by paying so gold to the carpenter and having some preset design for the ships sail like a skull with crossbones or a flower or some simple design which could be purchased or unlock in some way to customize the sails.
other options like changing ships wood type or adding more stuff to the ship would i really fun thing to do


I really like this idea! :smile:


I like this idea aswell.


I love this idea!


Although this could be logistically hard to set up, this could be a very cool addition, to expand upon this, maybe it could be a pearl related upgrade, and ranks would have custom boats also.



changing colours should be available with gold and custom things can be with pearls


This is one of the coolest decorative ideas I’ve ever heard. It’s a small-ish change, yes, but it’s a very good one nonetheless.

This has my vote. Bonus points if unlocking certain ships also lets you change your island’s biome.