Crews on the server


I think the server is focusing on crews way too much. At this point the server feels way more like factions than it’s own fun thing. With so many new crew quests, crew islands, crew spawners, and the open seas you pretty much have to be in a crew if you want to be good. You used to be able to run around the open seas and find people and have a fun, fair 1v1 but now unless you go in with a crew your going to be ganged up on and killed. There are also some great things that can only be used if your in a crew like blazes and good ore spawners. For someone like me who doesn’t want to be in a crew because I’m not allowed to do whatever I want like waste 100k on snowballs and not have someone be mad at me, all the focus on crews sukcs because there’s nothing new to do and everyone in a crew gets way more money and xp.