Crewluu | Crew application


The Captains of the Crewluu ship is hiring mariners.

Our Crew Members are:
Karluu - Captain (28/06/18)
Moonluu - Captain (28/06/18)

CubedPay - First Mate (01/07/18)

Dipsii - Mariner (29/07/18)
DivineFugil - Mariner (29/06/18)
Charrluu - Mariner (29/06/18)
ConnorJME - Mariner (29/06/18)
FMCCC - Mariner (30/06/18)
WhiteDecay - Mariner (01/07/18)
Risin - Mariner (02/07/18)
JustShoes - Mariner (03/07/18)
Becc - Mariner (06/07/18)
Salabadon - Mariner (06/07/18)
xHiruzen - Mariner (06/07/18)

Requirements to join our ship:

  • Must be above the age of 15.
  • Must be above level 5 ingame.
  • Must have a clean punishment history.
  • Must have discord and a functioning microphone.
  • Must have a method of income (Gold).
  • Must have decent pvp gear.

If you feel that you forfill these requirements, go ahead and pm me on discord explaining why you deserve to join this crew, inform us how you forfill the requirements with details. Me and Moonluu will discuss your application and let you know if you’re accepted or denied.
My discord is Karluu#6666
Moonluu’s discord is Moonluu#3902

Karluu & Moonluu


I wonder what the biggest 2 crews will be


Best team out there with 5 of the 10 richest players on the server and some of the best pvpers. And best part is you don’t feel left out like most other teams lol


You’re such a team hopper…


now I’m only 14, but I’m decently intellectual and have 7 years of minecraft experience. Other than that I meet all the requirements. I’m admiral and I’m lvl 16
I was kicked for messing around with you and for that I’m sorry, but I am sincerely apologetic about this. I hope for another chance, as I enjoyed being a part of this crew