Crew Island Permissions for Allies


So for this suggestion I would like to suggest for their to be a option for allies to join your crew island. When having allies that means you can join each others crew islands whenever they want as long as they were online after a restart. I personally do not like that, if I have allies I would like there to be a option to let them come onto my crew island. Such as a disable or able thing, I want to control if allies can come onto my crew island or not while I am on or offline. Allowing allies to join each others islands has caused many issues in the past and still does, since both crews can’t control who is in the other crew.
I would like to have the option to either allow allies to join my crew island or to make it to where they can’t join the crew island without permission.

Tell me what you all think, I personally think it should be added because I have trust issues :stuck_out_tongue:


This is especially annoying as Ally’s can break blocks place em and open chests


This is a god idea, but this can go more in depth. Maybe allow certain people to go who are allies and ability for them to break blocks and open stuff, etc.


Not a bad suggestion, I’d say there is a lot you could change with it and going more complex into would probably be necessary for a working system.


I like the idea but you could elaborate onto this.

Much like guardians can be set for certain ranks within the crew what if there was a guardian for allies? It would allow you to make joint hangout areas for crew members and allies or certain crew ranks like Recruit and allies.


I would also like to suggest that you can see who was on the crew island last. This would help out if something was to go missing and a player wanted to know who could have took it. Just a thought.