Crew Island Contest Winners



First off, thank you to everyone who has entered the contest, there has been some incredible last minute builds sent though and it’s made my work a lot more harder to decide.

However the winners have been decided so lets get to it starting with…


With their simplistic build but highly thought out functionality, Havoc has proven that their island is virtually unraidable, unless you have enough supplies to get through those obsidian walls!

Click here for Havoc’s Entry


With it’s impeding walls, and four towers, this build was impressive for such a short period of time. With small details such as farms and even a little small water fountain, this base deserves some credit for being a stand out for it’s design!

Click Here for NSS Crew’s Entry


For an original build done by two people, this incredible pirate island village has so much detail put into it from the underground sewers to the busy seaside markets, to the main focal point of the island the huge cathedral at the top of the island. This island is well made and thought out and therefore gets 1st place!

Click here for Luxor’s Entry!

Thank you to everyone who entered, to the winners please get in contact with me on the forums and I will organize your prizes out ASAP!