Crew Island Build Contest



Do you and your crew fancy yourselves to have a bit of a creative spark? Do you think you and your crew can turn your dreary crew island into an oasis of power? Well now is that time to prove it!

Simply put we are looking for the best Crew Island build! While your defense are up and your island is at the ready, why not give your crew island a bit of class and spruce up the island!

Contest Rules

  1. To Enter into the contest you must submit a post on the “Builds” category of the forums (FOUND HERE) with either a Video showcasing the build or enough screenshots compiled into an album to fully see the build so it can be judged.

  2. Title your contest post with the intended name and add [Crew Base Contest] on the end so it’s clear you’re entering this contest, if this is not added it will not be counted as an entry.

  3. The island you must submit has to be your own crew island, no personal island’s can be used for this event.

  4. All entries must be built on the server itself.

  5. Make sure the build follows our Server guidelines, IE: Rules, Approved List of Mods etc.

  • For Example: PapaSquad’s Island Base [Crew Base Contest]
  1. One submission per crew, do not spam multiple times the same submission.

  2. Do not steal other people’s content.

  3. You may edit your build up until 5th of October at 3pm ET, any entry beyond this date and time will not be counted. Please ensure if your build has been edited that you update your post accordingly.


So what would your crew benefit from such a contest like this? Well, funny you should say this.

  • 1st Place: 8,000 Pearls (Can be divided up to different members of crew) + 2 Spawner & 2 Legendary Chests

  • 2nd Place: 6,000 Pearls (Can be divided up to different members of crew) + 2 Legendary Chests

  • 3rd Place: 4,000 Pearls (Can be divided up to different members of crew)

The Contest will end on October 5th at 3pm EST.

Good luck to everyone looking to enter the contest, I look forward to seeing all the different Islands!



Are we allowed to submit screenshots with texturepacks on it, or does it has to be vanilla?