CREW BATTLES - Content Patch 1.12



Get your crews ready - battles are here! It’s time to fight against other crews, earn Battle Points, Gold, and of course the winnings of the others!

What are crew battles?

Crew battles are the “raiding” feature to Uncharted. Battles mean that your crew island can be put under siege by other crews if they find a map to your island location! Participating in crews allow you to win Gold, put other islands at a disadvantage, expand the borders of your own crew island, and much more!

Can my personal island be attacked?

Nope! Battles only work against Crew Islands.

How do battles work?

To sum up the process, it’s pretty simple

  1. Kill Enemy Crews in the Open Seas or in other battles for a chance to collect Crew Fragments.
  2. Bring 4 of the same Crew Fragment to the Mariner to convert it into a Crew Map.
  3. Right-Click on a crew map to learn the location of the shown crew.
  4. Type /crew battle and prepare to fight.

What’s the objective in a battle?

To keep it simple: Deal as much physical damage as possible.

When a battle begins, we calculate a value for the island based on the contents of it. Every single block that’s broken will take away from this value - your performance is rated based on how much damage you dwalt.

Based on your performance, you’ll earn 1 of 4 possible medals - which dictate your rewards from the battle:

  • NONE - < 15% damage done to the island - No gold reward - No BP Rewards
  • BRONZE - 15%+ damage done to the island - 10,000 Gold Reward - BP Rewards x1.1
  • SILVER - 25%+ damage done to the island - 25,000 Gold Reward - BP Rewards x1.5
  • GOLD - 40%+ damage done to the island - 50,000 Gold Reward - BP Rewards x2
  • PLATINUM - 65%+ damage done to the island - 100,000 Gold Reward - BP Rewards x3

Along with winning Gold, the victorious crew will also obtain Battle Points. Battle Points represent your crew’s performance in fights, and the more you have, the bigger your island becomes. You’ll earn more battle points if the crew you fight is significantly higher then you.

Battle Shields

When you’re attacked and a battle completes, you will be given a Battle Shield based on the medal the attacking crew received.

  • No Model - 30 minute shield
  • Bronze - 2 hour shield
  • Silver - 4 hour shield
  • Gold - 8 hour shield
  • Platinum - 12 hour shield

When a shield is active, you cannot be attacked or attack yourself. Officers and above can forfeit a shield early by using /crew endshield.

Crew Morale

Morale dictates how long you can battle for. Morale will slowly regenerate constantly at a rate of 1 per 5 seconds, up to 1,000 - as long as you have crew members online.

When in a battle, your morale will drain. The rate of how quickly it will drain is based on the amount of players actively engaged in the fight.

If your morale reaches 0, you will no longer be able to sail to the current target’s island - but current attackers will remain on the island until they’re killed or sail back to spawn.

You need at least 180 Morale to begin a new battle against a target.

Crew Maps

As discussed previously, Crew Maps allow you to engage another crew in battle. Each time you engage a crew in a fight, the chance for them to self-destruct next fight will increase - causing you to need to go craft another map to their island to be able to fight them once more.

Proximity Guardians

Proximity Guardian’s will be damaged if their protected blocks are attacked while engaged in a battle. You need to ensure you bring enough players to aid in the fight to damage them faster then they can regenerate HP. Destroyed proximity guardians will offer no protection and will not regenerate again until after the battle completes.

Alliance Assistance

Your Crew Allies can aid in the battle against another crew. When a battle is in progress, allies can use /crew go to see any active battles that are in progress. Remember - higher amounts of players attacking at once will lead to a higher drain per second on the attacker’s Morale.

Crew battles are live now. We hope you enjoy this feature, as it took us a lot of time to balance, develop, and plan out. We have many more releases for crews planned for the future - including more uses for Battle Points.

The Uncharted Team