Crew and Crew Island Changes/Additions


A couple suggestions regarding Crews and Crew Islands;

  • Add a /crew transfer/ownership [username]:
    — Would allow current crew islands to make another player owner of the crew, rather than having to disband and create a new crew if ownership should need to change.

  • Add a /crew rename [name] and /crew tag [tag]:
    — Like the scenario above, it would allow change to the crew name/tag without having to remake the crew entirely.

  • Add a /chat ally [crew] specification:
    —With the way ally chat is now, you can see when your allies are talking to another one of their allies that you may not be allied to. This tends to confuse players, as it looks like someone is simply talking to themselves. I believe it would be useful to all a generalized ally chat and be able to specify the allied crew you want to speak to.

  • Add a /chat crew officer:
    —This would allow crew captains, co-captains, and officers to talk privately among each other where lower crew ranks shouldn’t be allowed to see.

  • Add a /crew bank (withdraw/deposit):
    — This would allow for crew members to deposit their own cash into the crew’s bank to help with spawners, building, defenses, etc. Permissions to withdraw money would be set to a high rank (Officer or even Co-Captain). Using /crew bank or /crew bank info would allow crew members to view how much money has been deposited.

  • Add crew (island) upgrades:
    — Upgrades could include different things, such as increasing the number of crew members, giving different crew island benefits (such as haste, regeneration, etc.) when the crew is not at battle, increase to spawner spawnings, etc.
    — Another upgrade being island expansion, as the current crew island’s border cuts into island structures, making it impossible to remove unwanted terrain and buildings, as it hinders building up nice crew islands, should you want to do that. (Or just expand the default crew island to not cut off island terrain/builds :sweat_smile:)
    For example:


cough About "Suggestions Summaries" cough


I’m going to allow it for this post as they are all small suggestions that really don’t need multiple posts created on the forums for…


i agree that this features should be added but the /crew rename will spoil the map fragments


Not necessarily. They could have fragments connected to the crew ID, rather than the name.


I agree with this fully.

SCc disbanded purely because they didn’t want us to raid them anymore. This made the 8 frags of theirs I personally had useless, and now we cannot raid them as they are now a different crew (WMC), but it has all the same members.


Hey Resses, Discussing your suggestion you provided theres somethings i would like to talk about.
So sometimes it can be an issue having this added as a feature:

Because sometimes you can end up having a big argument about it and it could lead into big drama
Same as Main Islands Ownership
(The owners of uncharted had discussed this kind of suggestion a long time ago and not planned to be added)

This was a similar kind of suggestion i did while back and the owners decided not to be added to the server altho it would be a great addition.

They rather prefer it to be as a “collective balance”
(Suggestion Link): Crew economy bank

Nevertheless… Overall all suggestions you provided i totally agree with! Great Work

~ Alan

  • Have a good day