Contents of chests got deleted


As i was farming some nether wart a moment ago I got kicked several times because of my bad connection. when i could play again I found the two dubs at the collection area totaly empty. so now the entire field worth 26 stacks is almost totaly empty.
plz send help


Was this a normal chest or a vault? Uncharted doesn’t modify how normal chests work in Minecraft - perhaps the contents were stolen?


This was a normal chest, yes it might be possible that someone has stolen the contents, the only strange thing is that they also then would have taken everything from the hoppers and the random piece of gunpowder.


after furter investigation i concluded that the neather wart was for 95% certainty stolen bcs the one stack i placed was gone when i logged on at later time. i have questioned all the people that have the ability to modify the island but i couldnt find the culprit. i doubt that i will be able to do so without any admin help.


Try to make one person at a time a guest to see if it solves the situation. Leave some netherwart out at bait in a chest. If it gets stolen then the person who is a guest didn’t steal it. Then move onto the next person and continue the cycle till you find the person who is stealing from you. That is what I would do in this situation.


sorry but that wont work ( i think) because i already asked everyone is they stole it. I really think that i can only solve this if admins have a way of checking when people visited an island or if they resently did something with nether warts. I hope they do tho, otherwise i see no good solution to this( if i cant just get 26 stacks of neather wart to replant)


Just make everyone you don’t trust a guest or kick them, simple as that. I kicked Dylan from my island after he stole several chests of cactus and warts from me, and I haven’t had the issue since.


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