Content Update 1.9 - ELECTRON, Legendary Chests, +more!


Welcome to Content Update 1.9!

And no, we don’t mean the Minecraft update that completely butchered PVP for everybody. This patch we’re rolling out a new undead kit with a skill gem to help you battle against teams and groups of players, legendary chests, market adjustments, and a pretty big handful of adjustments to some various skills. Let’s jump right into things!



The Electron is made of pure energy that has manifested into a pirate character! This supercharged NPC has brought with them some shocking powers that the residents of Port Nolem had yet to discover before!

/ukit Electron

Level 10 Contents Shown

The Electron Undead Kit is more PVP-focused with the new SHOCK skill gem!

Level 10 Contents

  • 1x Tier III Treasure Chest
  • 1x Tier IV Treasure Chest
  • 1x Tier V Treasure Chest
  • 3x Major HP Potion
  • 3x Recall Elixir
  • 64x Steak
  • 2x Ender Pearl
  • 1x Spawner XP Bottle [75 - 125]
  • 5x Unidentified Charm
  • Diamond Helmet with Reinforce +5, Melee Endurance +5
  • Diamond Chestplate with Combustion Endurance +5, Reinforce +5
  • Diamond Leggings with Ranged Endurance +5, Reinforce +5
  • Diamond Boots with Elemental Endurance +5, Reinforce +5
  • Diamond Sword with Headless +5, Shock
  • Diamond Pickaxe with Spawner Touch +1, Vein +8, Brisk +3
  • 1x Shock Skill Gem
  • 2x Unidentified Gem
  • 2x Unidentified Talent Rune

You can unlock the Electron Kit& by speaking to him in the spawn of Port Nolem for 2,500 Pearls!

New Skill Gem: SHOCK

Shock is a crowd control skill gem. The more players that are nearby you (after 2), the more damage you deal. This new gem can be countered by Elemental Endurance. Damage is decided by the new /skill, Static.

Legendary Chests!

Our first special chest type in Uncharted. Legendary Chests have a rare chance to replace an existing chest in the Open Seas at random! When a legendary chest appears, we’ll make sure to let everybody online know.

Collecting Legendary Chests

Legendary Chests will show as a flaming ender chest in the Open Seas when they spawn. Hold right click on it like you would any other treasure chest to pick it up!

Legendary Chests are jampacked with loot: They contain 20 items all of rare quality or better, plus one guaranteed legendary item each time you open it! Just set it down on your island and see what’s inside!

Unlocking Legendary Chests

Legendary chests that are collected are LOCKED by default. To unlock a legendary chest, bring it to Chester. After a short waiting period, your chest will be ready to open.

First of many special chests!

We have plans to roll out new special chests in the future, like those that can only be obtained from successful raids or found in rare future dungeons. Stay on the look out!

New Potion

Apex Spirit

Legendary Potion

When you drink it, all of your skills will be treated as MAX LEVEL for 60 seconds.

New Skills

Creature Aura

Max Level: 10
Mob Spawner production rate is increased by 3% per level when you’re nearby.

Mining Aura

Max Level: 10
Ore Spawner production rate is increased by 3% per level when you’re nearby.


Max Level: 10
Improves the damage increase for your SHOCK skill gem. Does not exceed counting 5 players. Countered by Elemental Endurance.

Essence Empowerment

Max Level: 3
When you use Ore Essences, ores will drop XP when they spawn in. Increases XP dropped per level.

Spawner Adjustments

New Charm: ZAP

Spawned mobs will be struck by lightning! Careful, this could harm others as well!

Ore Spawner Rates Buffed

Each level up for all ore spawners will now increase the spawn rate even more.

Market Adjustments

  • Melon now sells for 3 Gold (up from 2).
  • Pumpkin can now be sold for 6 Gold.
  • Mushrooms now sell for 8 Gold.
  • Sugar Cane now sells for 4 Gold.
  • Smooth Stone now sells for 7 Gold.
  • All Log Types now sell for 9 Gold.
  • Netherrack now sells for 3 Gold and can be bought for 40 Gold.
  • All Wool Colors can now be bought
  • Wheat can now be sold for 6 Gold.
  • Saplings can now be sold for 4 Gold.
  • Iron Ingot can now be sold for 9 Gold.
  • Gold Ingot can now be sold for 26 Gold.
  • Diamond can now be sold for 260 Gold.
  • Emerald can now be sold for 520 Gold.
  • Lapis can now be sold for 3 Gold.

Skill Adjustments

We’ve made some various adjustments to skills in the game! We hope this helps keep things balanced and encourages you to progress in more categories than you would otherwise.

  • GUARD - Buffed defenses to 8% per level (up from 5%). Now yields an 80% damage decrease when blocking at Level 10.
  • HEADLESS - Max level increased to 10, also allowing the chance for a head to drop to go higher as you level it up.
  • LIFESTEAL - Activation chance buffed from 1% to 2% per level.
  • PIERCING - Activation chance buffed from 2.5% to 4% per level.
  • POISONOUS - Poison duraction nerfed to 1s per level from 2s per level. Poison 10 now only poisons for 10 seconds.
  • REINFORCE - Activation chance buffed to 10% per level from 5% per level. Reinforce 10 can now cause an item to avoid durability damage.
  • POTION CHUGGER - Max Level increased to 10. Reduction per level decreased to 7s per level (instead of 10s).
  • BLOODLUST - Max Level increased to 10. Now increases minimum health by 5% per level (instead of 10%) and increases damage by 1% per level (instead of 2%).
  • SIDESTEP - Max Level increased to 10.
    • NEW ABILITY: At Level 10, you will now receive Speed II for 2s whenever you evade an attack.
  • COMBUSTION ENDURANCE - New ability: Once you reach level 10, all creeper or TNT damage that occurs within 10 blocks of you will deal no block damage.
  • INSIGHT - Max level increased to 10. Activation chance is now 3% per level (down from 5%).
  • INTUITION - Max level increased to 10. Activation chance is now 3% per level (down from 5%).

That sums up our balance adjustments! We’ll be monitoring closely to see the effect on the game, but we hope this encourages players to better diversify their arsenal!

Other Notable Changes

  • New Command: /toggletimers will hide countdowns on your sidebar. Useful if you have longer timers like flight that you don’t care too much about. This will automatically reset when you logout so you don’t forget they’re disabled.
  • New Admiral Command: /sellchest. Use this command while looking at a chest to immediately sell all items within that can be sold!
  • Auction default view changed to show running auctions instead of the filters page.
  • Super Smash will now no longer trigger on Mob Spawners
  • Ice and Shock defense is now clarified in the description for Elemental Endurance
  • Improve legendary drop rate in Tier 3 and Tier 2 chests.
  • Made an adjustment to the “Time to Fight” tutorial quest to be more new player friendly. Read more about it here: “Time to Fight” - Quest Adjustment
  • The name and tag for a player for whatever crew theyr’e part of will now show in /stats.
  • 6+ new quests have been added.