Content Update 1.7 - Spawners, Charms, and more!


Welcome to Patch 1.7!

We have a good one for you all this week! We’re introducing a long awaited mechanic… and as you’ve come to expect, it’s not how you’d expect. Along with that we’re also rolling out a new undead kit, a handful of bugfixes, and some features for our newer players! Let’s jump right into it!

Meet the Wrangler!

The Wrangler sailed in a boat looking for desert shores… but with him he brought some magical new items! While he’s washed ashore he’s agreed to stock up the pirates of Port Nolem with his mysterious findings… and brought forward a brand new undead kit!

/ukit Wrangler

Level 10 Contents Shown

The Wrangler Undead Kit comes with all the basics you’ll need to get your grinders going, plus some extras!

Level 10 Contents

  • 1x Tier 3 Treasure Chest
  • 1x Tier 4 Treasure Chest
  • 1x Tier 5 Treasure Chest
  • 64x Steak
  • 64x Gunpowder
  • 64x Rotten Flesh
  • 64x Bones
  • 2x Ender Pearl
  • 2x Unidentified Charm
  • 1x Bottle of Spawner XP [50 - 100xp]
  • 10x Unidentified Spawn Eggs
  • Diamond Helmet with Melee Endurance +5, Reinforce +5
  • Diamond Chestplate with Combustion Endurance +5, Reinforce +5
  • Diamond Leggings with Ranged Endurance +5, Reinforce +5
  • Diamond Boots with Dodge +5, Reinforce +5
  • Diamond Sword with Charge +5, Headless +5
  • Diamond Pickaxe with Spawner Touch +3, Brisk +5
  • 1x Spawner Touch Skill Gem

New items you don’t recognize? Don’t worry! We’ll detail them below. You can unlock the Wrangler Kit by speaking to him in the spawn of Port Nolem for 2,500 Pearls!

Spawners Introduced!

Mob Spawners are now officially part of Uncharted… but not how you’d expect! They can be purchased from the Summoner within the Trading Post of Port Nolem for Gold.

Spawner XP & Levels

Like other things in Uncharted, your spawners too get better as they get used. Every single time a mob is summoned, they’ll gain a random amount of XP (between 1 and 5). Each time a spawner levels up, the spawn rate between mobs is reduced, and you’ll unlock Charm Slots starting at level 10.

Spawner XP Bottles

Spawner XP Bottles can be found throughout Treasure Chests in the Open Seas, from the new Wrangler Undead Kit and from the Plunderer in the Trading Post. Using a Spawner XP Bottle will boost the XP of a spawner by the values shown. Get those high levels quickly!

Ready to Level Up?

When your spawner has reached max XP, it’s time to level it up! The requirements to advance to the next level vary based on the spawner tpye and the new level – just click on the Glowing Star at the bottom to see what you need and advance to the next level!

Higher value spawners that are higher leveled have higher requirements.

Spawner Charms

Charms are the truly unique features of mob spawners in Uncharted. Collect and activate charms to alter the way that your spawners summon in creatures, and build grinders that would otherwise never be possible!

For launch, we’re introducing 8 unique charms that can be found in Treasure Chest loot throughout the Open Seas!


Ensure that your spawner limit is never an issue. When a spawner has this charm equipped, the surrounding entity limit is DOUBLED for it.


Conjure is for those really trying to grind those XP levels! Mobs you kill from your spawner will yield DOUBLE experience drops. Combine this charm with Intuition for massive XP boosts!


Set your creatures alight without the use of lava or fire! The Ember charm ensures that all spawned mobs are set on fire from the second they appear.


The Faint charm is not for those that want to live long. All creatures spawned will be reduced to HALF their normal health points. Ouch!


Slow them in their tracks! The Heavy charm applies SLOWNESS 2 to all creatures summoned by the spawner.


Light levels will never again be a worry. Your spawner will operate regardless of how dark (animals) or how light (monsters) it is!


Drops! Drops! Drops! Drops! Creatures you kill from this spawner will yield DOUBLE drops!


Everybody is invited! Mobs spawned by Party Charmed spawners have a chance to be transformed into another mob entirely!

Charm Slots

Charms can be equipped to a spawner once it reaches Spawner Level 10. Spawners can have a maximum of up to 3 charms applied to them, and each slot is unlocked at a specific level:

  • Charm Slot 1: Unlocks at Spawner Level 10
  • Charm Slot 2: Unlocks at Spawner Level 15
  • Charm Slot 3: Unlocks at Spawner Level 20 (MAX LEVEL)

Quest Navigation Hints

Sometimes finding a specific NPC or objective in the game can be challenging. We’ve introduced a new way to track your current objective!

You can activate this new setting from your /q menu. It’s automatically enabled for those that are Level 3 and under! When enabled, just tap SNEAK and a particle line will point you to where you need to go!

Keep in mind, not all quests can be tracked, and those that can still require you to be in the proper world to do so!

For Level 1 players this feature doesn’t require hitting sneak - the game will automatically guide you where you need to every 15 seconds or so.

No more getting lost, hurray!

Market Adjustments

With the introduction of spawners, we’ve made some adjustments to the Trading Post:

  • Rotten Flesh now sells for 6/ea (down from 7)
  • Bones now sell for 2/ea (up from 1)
  • Gunpowder is now sold for 15 (up from 8)
  • String is now sold for 8 (up from 4) and sells for 2 (up from 1)
  • Spider Eyes are now sold for 12 (up from 4) and sells for 3 (up from 1)
  • Feathers are now sold for 8 (up from 4) and sells for 2 (up from 1)
  • Polished Spawner XP Bottle is now sold from the Plunderer for 90 Pearls
  • Chicken Spawner (Lvl 1) is now sold from the Summoner for 50,000.
  • Cow Spawner (Lvl 1) is now sold from the Summoner for 50,000.
  • Pig Spawner (Lvl 1) is now sold from the Summoner for 50,000.
  • Sheep Spawner (Lvl 1) is now sold from the Summoner for 50,000.
  • Zombie Spawner (Lvl 1) is now sold from the Summoner for 100,000. [Unlocks at Level 5]
  • Skeleton Spawner (Lvl 1) is now sold from the Summoner for 100,000. [Unlocks at Level 5]
  • Spider Spawner (Lvl 1) is now sold from the Summoner for 100,000. [Unlocks at Level 5]
  • Creeper Spawner (Lvl 1) is now sold from the Summoner for 100,000. [Unlocks at Level 5]
  • Enderman Spawner (Lvl 1) is now sold from the Summoner for 150,000. [Unlocks at Level 15]

New Skill: Spawner Touch

Spawner Touch allows any pickaxe to yield a spawner when they break one.

Spawner Touch has 5 levels that can be unlocked:

  • Level 1 (default) - Drops spawners when broken.
  • Level 2 - Broken spawners have a 20% chance to keep their level when broken.
  • Level 3 - Broken spawners have a 30% chance to keep their level when broken.
  • Level 4 - Broken spawners have a 40% chance to keep their level when broken.
  • Level 5 - Broken spawners have a 50% chance to keep their level when broken.

If you try to break a spawner without spawner touch, the server will stop you to prevent accidents. You can override this safety check by holding sneak as you break a spawner.

New Quests

We’ve added 4 new quests to the game

  • Wild, Wild Wrangler - Started by speaking to the Wrangler, requires completion of Journey to Open Waters.
  • Draw Your Swords - Started by speaking to the Ship Racer
  • Race to the Shipwrecks - Started by speaking to the Gull Racer.
  • Chase the Gulls - Started by speaking to the Sword Racer

Other Notable Changes

  • Disabled fall damage in Open Seas docks
  • Fixed issue causing Super and Ultra Smash to not work correctly
  • Added Spawners as a lockable block for /lock. They’ll be locked automatically when placed if your island has the slots to accomadate for them.
  • Added a warning when adding a Talent Rune to an item that alreasy has a similar Talent Rune.
  • Corrected label in the Anvil that made “VERY HIGH” success chance gems only display as “HIGH”.
  • Fixed various other internal bugs and performance issues

As always, thank you all for the continued support! We look forward to what you’ll do with these new features!

Spawners - Possible Price / Explanation to stop too much money