Content Update 1.5


Welcome to Content Patch 1.5!

We’re bringing new content to the game for you this week, including a new kit, new skills, new tools to help you build your amazing armor and tools, and a few other hot fixes and tweeks!

Onto the new stuff…

New Undead Kit: GLACIER

Glacier is our newest undead kit! It introduces our first Skill Gem that offers both defensive and offensive mechanics, as well as gives another skill some additional counter-play. We’ll go into that below, for now: here’s the contents of this new undead kit!

Level 10 Contents

At max level, the new Glacier kit includes the following items:

  • 1x Calm Sea Gem (10 Minutes)
  • 1x Raging Sea Gem (10 Minutes)
  • 2x Immunity Spirit
  • 2x Recall Elixir
  • 64x Steak
  • 64x Snowball
  • 3x Unidentified Spawn Egg (Detailed below!)
  • Ice Crystal Helm w/ Melee Endurance +5
  • Ice Crystal Chest w/ Ranged Endurance +5
  • Ice Crystal Leggings w/ Elemental Endurance +5
  • Ice Crystal Boots w/ Gravity Endurance +5
  • Ice Crystal Blade w/ Piercing +5, Frost +5
  • Ice Crystal Pickaxe w/ Multiply +3
  • Frost Skill Gem
  • Intuition Skill Gem

Get it now!

Speak to the Glacier in Port Nolem for details on his loot!

Every time you summon it, it’ll get better and better, up to the ultimate contents of Level 10!

Empty Skill Gems

Empty Skill Gems bring the first bit of flexibility to the game in terms of armor and tool customization. Bring this new item to an anvil with an item with at least 2 skills on it to pull one off at random.

Empty Skill Gems can be discovered in Treasure Chests from the Open Seas.

CAUTION: If a skill with a rune boost is removed, then the rune empowered against it will be DESTROYED.

Unidentified Spawn Eggs

Unidentified Spawn Eggs join the game as another new identifiable item. Also now obtainable from Treasure Chests a select kits, these eggs will transform into 1 - 8x of a random entity spawn egg! Identifying these spawn eggs is about half the cost of purchasing a single one from the Summoner, so you’re guaranteed to get a good return with every time you identify it!

New Gems

We’ve added a couple new gems with this patch, as well! Let’s jump right into them:


Showcased well on our new Glacier kit, Frost makes attack speed more of a concern when it comes to combat in the open seas. When your weapon is infused with Frost, you’ll have a chance to temporarily slow your opponent’s movement and attack speed.


We believe counter-play is extremely important in Uncharted, and realize that Frost can be an extremely powerful ability when utilized correctly.

  • Toxin Remedy will instantly counter any slow effects you may encounter.
  • Elemental Endurance will significantly lower your chances for Frost to trigger against you!


Fully level up your Permafrost ability to unlock a new power for your FROST weapons. Right Click any block to use ICICLE, surrounding yourself in an ice barrier for 7 and a half seconds! You can use this time to consume potions, prepare your inventory, and do anything else you might need a short break for! Your ice shield will also temporarily guard you from all damage while it’s active: at the cost of not being able to move. Use it wisely!


Like Insight, but for weapons! All monsters you kill will have a chance to drop even more experience that you can use toward earning that precious quest XP!


Talent Points remain valuable as always, with even more skills to work for!


For the ultimate traders on the server. Investor is a must-invest skill for those that frequently withdraw Gold as notes. With patch 1.5, we’ve adjusted the Banker’s fee to take a percent cut of all withdraws - this will lower the fee significantly at high levels.


For those that go above and beyond to max out their XP gain each day. Wizardry will increase the amount of Minecraft Experience you can transmute to Quest XP per day - all the way up to a 45% boost!


Increases the chance to receive extra XP from killing monsters with your new INTUITION swords!


With this patch as well, we’ve also added 3 new daily quests to the game, as well as 2 new primary quests to be issued from the new Glacier NPC within our spawn! Be sure to stop in to check them out!

Other Notable Changes

The things that aren’t worth a giant mention of their own…

  • Pre-release preparations for the Auction House next week
  • The Banker fee is now 10% of the withdraw amount instead of a flat 100 Gold Fee. This is much friendlier to new players and makes better sense moving forward.
  • Disable crafting emerald blocks using Skill and Curse Gems
  • 2 New Primary Quests
  • 3 New Daily Quests
  • Nerf Sale Price for Cookies
  • Fix an issue that could cause legendary broadcast messages to appear when no legendary item is in the chest
  • Fix anticheat logic against player kills - preventing multiple kill quests from advancing at once
  • Fix logic for Super and Ultra Smash Abilities
  • Nerf sale price for Trapped Chests
  • Added /is title to change your island name to Privateer rank and above!

Once more we apologize for the delay in the Auction House release. We want to make sure it works perfectly, and don’t want to release features we don’t 100% believe in. It’ll be worth the wait, and thanks everyone for your support as always! :heart:

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