Content Update 1.4


Our builders over on the MelonDev Build Team have been hard at work on getting the 2nd part of the open seas ready… and boy oh boy is it nice looking. We’ll get to that soon!

This patch also brings some additional quests, the beginnings of our /crew system, and the ability to purchase additional islands for yourself!

Let’s jump right into it!

This chunk of the Open Seas represents the second of four total parts of our map and with it comes many more places to explore, new chests to discover, and 3 new docks for the game.




These 3 new docks will be added to your travel menu as you explore and discover them. New players also now have the chance to be assigned one of these docks as their starting docks… bringing our total open sea docks up to 6 so far!

Happy Exploring!


It’s time to keep griding for that quest XP! This patch brings 12 new possible daily quests as well as 8 new primary quests! The daily quest pool increase will mean that you’ll start seeing less repeats and the 6 new primaries will mean that you can better prepare yourself for what’s to come in West Nolem…

Uncharted is not just a typical skyblock server, and this update introduces the beginnings of MANY future features to come…

Your Crew is your second family in the world of Uncharted. With this update, we introduce crew management commands, a crew chat channel, and the ability to show off your crew tags in chat.

The following crew commands exist for release:

  • /crew create <name> <tag> creates a new crew
  • /crew invite <player> invites a new pirate to your crew
  • /crew kick <player> kicks a player from your crew
  • /crew disband disbands your crew
  • /crew rename <new name> changes the name of your crew
  • /crew tag <new tag> changes your crew tag
  • /chat crew changes to your crew chat channel

Coming in the future is crew ranks, crew islands, crew skills, and much much more. This is only the beginning!

Lastly with this patch is the addition of Buyable Island Slots! For those that want to own multiple islands, you can now! Type /island new then the option to purchase additional slots will be shown at the top right corner. You can buy up to 3 more slots for pearls.

That concludes this patch… we have some deals to finish with an auctioneer before next week.


  • Added /home to teleport directly to an island that you own. If you own multiple islands, you can use /home <#> to teleport to a specific one.
  • Corrected language for the Greed skill to better specify that Multiply will only work for ores
  • Buffed Smelt to allow it to work on respawnable ores within the Open Seas
  • Nerf Cocoa Bean sell price
  • Buff sell price of various other crops
  • Boots now properly work for skill gems that reference “any item”
  • Added 3 new docks
  • Added join and leave messages, visible only to staff, for players ranked VIP and up
  • Added new stat trackers, for sale from the Plunderer: Blocks Broken, Players Killed, Mobs Killed, and Treasure Chests Collected (for armor)
  • StaffMode now allows moderators to click a report to quickly investigate instead of typing commands
  • Other bugfixes and tweaks

Thanks for the support as always. <3

Make /home a command