Content Update 1.3


Welcome to Patch 1.3!

While we’ve previously stated how we won’t be releasing weekly updates, we believe that delivering regular content updates for the early launch of the server is very important. This week brings new features to help give incentive to our regular players, donors, and better set the stage for what’s to come in the near future!

TL;DR? Here’s the summary…

  • Introduction of Daily Quests. These quests are reset at midnight, EST every night and are the same for all players on the server. There are currently 10 daily quests in rotation, and 3 are randomly picked each day. We’ll be adding more as we go, and if you have ideas for your own, be sure to leave them in #suggestions!
  • A Brand New Undead Kit with 2 new Skills: Scorcher
  • All premium ranks now include their own kits, monthly reward chests, and more perks!
  • Introduction of Sunken Chests and their keys!
  • Daily login rewards!
  • Wings now sells temporary flight from Spawn in exchange for Pearls!
  • Various new minor changes and features (like /leveltop!)

Daily Quests

Daily Quests join Repeatable Quests as new tasks that can be completed every day! Daily Quests are the same for all players on each day, and reset at midnight EST. 3 different daily quests will be automatically assigned to you when you join the game, and they’ll be represented in your /q menu via golden clocks. You can use a new filter at the top left corner to filter showing all your currently active quests, or just daily ones.

You’ll start being assigned daily quests the next time you join the server after this patch is live – enjoy!

Scorcher Undead Kit

We received lots of positive feedback for the Buccaneer Undead Kit released in Update 1.1, and this time we have something new for you guys to unlock… meet The Scorcher!

The Scorcher includes 2 new skill gems to the game, which are also obtainable now via Unidentified Gems. The level 10 variant for the Scorcher is nothing to mess with, though…

Level 10 Contents

  • Calm Sea Gem (10 Minutes)
  • Raging Sea Gem (10 Minutes)
  • 2x Immunity Spirits
  • 2x Recall Elixir
  • 64x Steak
  • Full Iron Gear, pre-empowered with Combustion Endurance +5
  • Diamond Sword, pre-empowered with Ignite +5
  • Diamond Pickaxe, pre-empowered with Smelt +5
  • 2x Aquatic Brew
  • 2x Bonfire Potion
  • Smelt Skill Gem
  • Ignite Skill Gem

Introducing: Fire

Fire in Uncharted is more powerful then usual. While there’s lots of water that you can swim into, it deals more damage: 1 full heart per tick instead of the standard half a heart per tick in vanilla MC. It’s truly a deadly addition to any arsenal.

New Skill Gem: IGNITE

Ignite does just that: Sets your opponents on fire. The higher the level, the higher the chance for fire to be inflicted with each of your swings. When fully leveled up, you’ll also gain the ability to light fires beneath your enemies anywhere in the Open Seas.

New Skill Gem: SMELT

Smelt builds a furnace directly into whatever tool you apply it against! Whenever you break a block on an island, it has a chance to automatically be converted into the cooked form of it. Sand? Now it’s glass! Iron ore? Iron ingot!


Flames forever! This new potion will spark a true fire within you, causing ALL your ranged and melee attacks to inflict fire damage for the next minute.

We think fire is a truly awesome addition to the game that will evolve over time with the further addition of new skills and abilities.

What’s an Undead kit?

An undead kit is just like a normal kit, except that it gets better the more you use it! Every single time you summon an undead kit, it gains a little bit of Kit XP. On level up, the contents within will improve. You can also boost the Kit XP without summoning it, and instead by using Pearls if you wish. With enough Kit XP, it’ll level into the ultimate Level 10 form!

Get it now!

Speak to the Scorcher in Port Nolem for details on his loot!

Every time you summon it, it’ll get better and better, up to the ultimate contents of Level 10!

Rank Kits

All premium memberships of Uncharted now ALSO include their own kits! These kits do not specialize in any specific ability, and instead focnus on giving you an overall well-rounded supply influx.

Like Undead Kits, Rank Kits level up and improve over time, making them worth using and boosting as often as you can. All Rank kits will start at Level 1, 0xp for all players - there is no initial unlock bonus.

Privateer Kit


The Privateer Kit is included for free with the Privateer Rank.

The level 10 contents include the following:

  • Iron Helmet with Range Endurance +5
  • Iron Chestplate with Combustion Endurance +5
  • Iron Leggings with Melee Endurance +5
  • Iron Boots with Gravity Endurance +5
  • Diamond Pickaxe with Brisk +2, Magnet +2, Multiply +3
  • Diamond Sword with Charge +3, Headless +4
  • 64x Steak
  • 3x Recall Elixir
  • 2x Major HP Potion
  • 2x Stamina Potion
  • 2x Unidentified Gem
  • 2x Unidentified Rune
  • Gold Essence III
  • Diamond Essence III
  • Emerald Essence I

Captain Kit


The Captain Kit is included for free with the Captain Rank.

The level 10 contents include the following:

  • Diamond Helmet w/ Ranged Endurance +5
  • Diamond Chestplate w/ Combustion Endurance +5
  • Diamond Leggings w/ Melee Endurance +5
  • Diamond Boots w/ Gravity Endurance +5
  • Diamond Sword w/ Charge +5, Headless +5
  • Diamond Pickaxe w/ Brisk +4, Magnet +5, Multiply +6
  • 64x Steak
  • Calm Sea Gem (15 Minutes)
  • 3x Recall Elixir
  • 2x Major HP Potion
  • 2x Stamina Potion
  • Gold Essence IV
  • Diamond Essence IV
  • Emerald Essence II
  • 3x Unidentified Gems
  • 3x Unidentified Runes

Admiral Kit


The Admiral Kit is included for free with the Admiral Rank.

The level 10 contents include the following:

  • Diamond Helmet w/ Ranged Endurance +8
  • Diamond Chestplate w/ Combustion Endurance +8
  • Diamond Leggings w/ Melee Endurance +8
  • Diamond Boots w/ Gravity Endurance +8
  • Diamond Sword w/ Charge +5, Headless +5
  • Diamond Pickaxe w/ Brisk +5, Magnet +5, Burial +5, Multiply +7
  • 64x Steak
  • Raging Sea Gem (15 Minutes)
  • Tier 1 Sunken Chest Key
  • 4x Recall Elixir
  • 3x Major HP Potion
  • 3x Stamina Potion
  • 2x Gold Essence V
  • 2x Diamond Essence V
  • Emerald Essence IV
  • 3x Unidentified Gems
  • 3x Unidentified Runes

Like Undead Kits, all rank kits have a 7 day cooldown and will gain XP with each summon or through the use of pearls to boost them.

We hope you enjoy!

Sunken Chests

Sunken Chests are new additions to the Black Market! They contain unique and rare loot only unlockable via Sunken Chest Key, which can be found in the Treasure Chest loot or purchased from the Keysmith using Pearls! When you find a Sunken Chest Key, bring it to the associated chest to get your treasure!

You can preview the contents of a Sunken Chest just by right clicking it without a key!

Rank Crates

Also now available for ranked players are Ranked Crates! These Crates can be opened once every 30 days, depending on your rank! They can contain anything from free quest XP to rare and unique items! Who knows what you’ll find?

Loot Hoarder: Daily Login Rewards


We want to reward our players that come back every day, which is why we’ve introduced Daily Login Rewards from the Loot Hoarder! Talk to this new NPC in the spawn area, or access him from your /rewards menu to claim your daily prize.

For each day you sign in to the server in a row, you’ll receive better and better rewards!

The rewards work as follows:

  • You get 50 Gold each day, for each day of your streak!
    • Day 1: 50 Gold
    • Day 2: 100 Gold
    • Day 3: 150 Gold …
  • You get 3 Quest XP for every 2nd day of your streak!
    • Day 1: No Quest XP
    • Day 2: 6 Quest XP
    • Day 3: No Quest XP
    • Day 4: 12 Quest XP …
  • You get free bonus items every 3rd and 5th day of your streak!
    • Day 1: No bonus items
    • Day 2: No bonus items
    • Day 3: At least 1 bonus item
    • Day 4: No bonus items …
  • You get free PEARLS every 7th day!

Your streak ends and resets if you miss a day, so be sure to keep it going!

Wings: Flight Vendor

You can now purchase Flight Passes from Wings in the spawn area! Flight Passes grant the ability to fly on islands and the spawn area, similar to the perk of Admiral, but temporary. Flight can be purchased for the following times:

  • 1 Day of Flight for 200 Pearls
  • 7 Days of Flight for 1,000 Pearls
  • Lifetime Flight for 5,000 Pearls

If you already have Admiral rank, you already have Lifetime Flight unlocked!

Full Changelog

That’s not all! Here’s the full list:

  • Added /leveltop command, to show the highest leveled players on the server
  • Dark Oak and Acacia Saplings have been added to the Trading Post
  • New Skills to compliment the new skill gems: Burn and Melt
  • Improved the look and feel of items by removing Minecraft’s vanilla attribute stats and shortening “Rune Boost: x” to just “+x”.
  • Add /nick for VIPs to hide their names over their head
  • Other bug changes and optimizations


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