Content Update 1.2



Welcome to the second Uncharted content update!

This week we’ve implemented some much requested features, expanded our overall content, and given you more to do in the world of Uncharted! We’re also preparing some things behind the scenes for future releases…

Update Summary

The general good stuff that you can expect:

  • 16 New Quests
  • Expanded /rewards (up to level 50!)
  • Port Nolem Casino
  • Trading Feature
  • New /kit
  • Talent Point Reallocation
  • Many other tweaks and fixes!

16 New Quests

Quests are the core Uncharted experience, giving you ways to progress and advance, not only your player level, for through the world of the server as well. These new quests will have you adventuring into the open seas, speaking to new NPCs around town, and even gambling at the casino! These quests are an important part leading into our next 2 expansions coming in the next few weeks. Type /q undiscovered for a look at what’s been added.

Expanded Rewards

Our /rewards menu now scales up to Level 50! This should keep our dedicated players spending hours on the server. If you’ve already advanced beyond level 30 before this update, these additional rewards will be ready to claim the next time you login!

Port Nolem Casino

Introducing the Port Nolem Casino! The Casino is located directly above the Trading Post and can be accessed from the staircase directly to the left. The Casino features 3 slot machines of varying tiers, each with a different entry cost and possibilities for winning.

Possible Rewards

To win at the casino, you must roll 3 items of the same type. The items you roll determine what your winnings are…

  • 3 Coal reward 50% of the entry cost
  • 3 Iron reward 1.5x your entry cost
  • 3 Gold reward 2.5x your entry cost
  • 3 Diamond reward 5x your entry cost
  • 3 Emerald reward 10x your entry cost
  • 3 Iron Blocks reward 15x your entry cost
  • 3 Gold Blocks reward 25x your entry cost
  • 3 Diamond Blocks reward 50x your entry cost
  • 3 Emerald Blocks reward 100x your entry cost

To play, just pull the lever on the slot machine! Enjoy!


Trading introduces a safe and secure way to exchange items with other players in Uncharted. To begin a trade with someone, just use the /trade command or drop an item while you’re facing each other in Port Nolem.

The Trade Process

Items on the left are what you’re offering, while items on the right are what’s being offered by the other party. Up to 12 items can be traded per session. Even Gold can be traded as well through the use of Gold Notes!

Ready Up!

When both players are ready, they simply click the “Ready!” button. When both players mark themselves as ready, this will begin a 5 second countdown for the trade. If either party modifies or closes the trade window, the trade will be cancelled. Both players will be marked unready as well should the trade be modified in any way.

Trading can be done anywhere on islands or in Port Nolem, but is not available in the Open Seas.

Iron Gear Kit

/kit IronGear is now available for purchase from the Kit menu. This kit costs 1,100 Pearls and can be summoned every 3 days. Includes a full set of iron armor and iron tools for your convenience!

You can purchase this new kit from your /kit menu.

Talent Point Reallocation

Talent Points heavily control how you play the game. It determines how good you are at mining, combat, treasure hunting, and much more. Up until now your choices for upgrades were permenant until you leveled up again, but now we’re excited to introduce Talent Point Reallocation!

Click on the Ender Chest at the bottom left corner of your /skills menu and all skills will be moved back to Level 1, with your Talent Points being instantly given back to you to be re-spent. This can be done once every 7 days.

All Changes

There’s some more stuff as well…

  • Added /ignore, /unignore, and /ignorelist. Ignored players can’t PM you, send you island invites, trade with you, and their chat messages will not show up for you.
  • You can now hover over player names to see details about them:
  • Restricted spawn area as “West Nolem” for future use
  • Fixed a clarification for “Shift-Click to leave Island”. this should be “Right-Click”
  • Lingering Health Potion and Hyper Lingering Health Potion added to the Alchemist.
  • Fix an issue regarding setting warps
  • Fix an issue that allowed Guests to open Double Chests
  • Added some extra checks to make cheating block place, break, and PVP quests a bit more cumbersome.
  • Added new quest-stage style: “Sudden Death” stage
  • Butcher’s Apprentice quest now allows ALL types of fence gates
  • Correct an issue when /lock remove was used against a block that wasn’t locked
  • Treasure Chests now expire after 3 days and no longer stack
  • Hide the timers for Open Seas damage modifiers when you’re on player islands
  • Added /rescue for mods to warp stuck players
  • Added a check to ensure NPCs do not unload ever. THEY WILL STAY STILL AND LIKE IT.
  • Other misc. tweaks and adjustments