Content Patch 1.6


Auctions! Auctions! Auctions!

They’re finally here, and we’re really excited to finally add this much desired feature to our server! As always, we’ve also bundled some new quests with this patch as well, and a few other adjustments to some rank perks. Read on, it only gets better!

Welcome to the Auction House

The Auction House is a real-time area for bidding, buying, and selling to your fellow pirates. Using the interface is extremely simple, and selling is even easier. You can get started by using the /auc command from Port Nolem or your island to open the main menu.

The Main Menu

The main auction house menu has a couple different options.

  • Filters: The first 10 items you see along the top left side of the window are Filters. Clicking one of these will only show you auctions selling the matching item.
  • No Filter: Click the item at the top right to view all auctions without a filter. This icon will show a chest if there’s no running auctions, or it’ll cycle through running auction items otherwise.
  • Sell: The emerald at the bottom serves as your shortcut to see how items you’re auctioning are doing or as a means to open your sell window.

Listing an Item

To list an item, click on the Emerald on the main menu or from the Running Auctions area. You’ll be presented with 4 different auction slots that you can make use of (depending on your rank). To list a new item, just click on any empty auction slot.

Auctions have 3 configurable parts:

  • The Starting Bid: This is the amount of Gold you want to start your auction at. If you don’t get any bids, your item will be returned to you and your listing fee will be kept by the Auctioneer - so be sure not to make it too high!

  • Auction Time: The longer the auction is open, the longer the auction will go on for before presenting a winner.

  • Buy Price: Disabled by default. If you set this, pirates will have the option to purchase your item outright for the chosen amount of Gold. If you set a Buy Price, it must be higher then your Starting Bid.

That’s it! Click the confirm button on the right to post your item for auction. You will be charged a listing fee based on either your buy price or starting bid, whichever is higher.

Bidding on Auctions

Once you’re viewing the auctions menu, you can bid on an item by clicking on it to open the bid menu. From here you’ll be shown 3 different options, as well as an icon to represent the auction you have open.

Custom Bid

Bid an amount of your choice (at least the minimum) for the selected item. Use the arrows above and below the paper to raise or lower your bid amount.

Quick Bid

Submits a bid for the current minimum bid, making you the automatic highest bidder.

Buy Now

If enabled, you can click “Buy it Now” to purchase an item immediately and win the auction right away. You’ll never be able to bid higher then the Buy it now price if the seller has chosen to enable it.

Rank Perks

With the introduction of the auction house, our ranked players will notice a few increased benefits:

  • [Pirate] rank can post 1 auction at a time, up to 10 minutes.
  • [Privateer] rank can post 2 auctions at a time, up to 30 minutes each.
  • [Captain] rank can post 3 auctions at a time, up to 1 hour each.
  • [Admiral] rank can post 4 auctions at a time, up to 12 hours each.

We hope you all enjoy the auction house! We look forward to seeing what you all do with it.

New Quests

We’ve added new quests to the game with this patch! You’ll enjoy a handful of new primary quests, as well as 2 new dailies added to the pool that can be picked at midnight everday. Go get that quest XP!

Other Changes

Other changes from this past week:

  • Increased the lock limits for each premium rank:
    • Privateer rank can now lock up to 10 containers. (Up from 5)
    • Captain rank can now lock up to 25 containers. (Up from 15)
    • Admiral rank can now lock up to 50 containers. (Up from 30)
  • Burial now causes durability damage when it triggers.
  • Fixed an issue that could allow escaping the Open Seas without using a dock
  • Added new quest trigger: AnyDockEntryTask
  • Added new quest trigger: TilGroundTask
  • Other internal bugfixes and changes

Let us know what you think by leaving feedback in #general or #suggestions! :slight_smile: