Content Patch 1.10 - Soul Shields, Spawner Chests, Repairing Changes +more


Welcome to Content Patch 1.10!

This update is an important preliminary patch as we prepare for our upcoming release of Crew Islands! We’ve released some new features this week to improve our tutorial experience for new players, balance some additional mechanics that’ve needed some love, and give a brand new chest type to find in the Open Seas!

Let’s get right into it!

Re-Balanced Repairing Values

We’ve changed repairing values across the board. You’ll notice higher Gold prices, lower resource costs, and more fair pricing all around.

  • Decreased resource costs for un-empowered items
  • Increased resource costs based on the amount of skills that are on an item
  • Increased average gold costs, while decreasing average resource costs

You should see the biggest improvement here with armor, since there are 4 pieces to maintain. Swords and tools will not see too large of a change if you have it empowered already.

Introducing Soul Shields!

Soul Shields are temporary, limited use powers that grant a majority of your items safety when you die. When a Soul Shield is activated, any items you bring with you into the Open Seas will be automatically saved by the Ghost Captain and resurrected with you. Items like Treasure Chests will always drop on death so killers will always have something to get out of a kill.

New Player Soul Shields

When a new player starts the Journey to Open Waters quest, they will now be given a complimentary 24 hour Soul Shield. We hope this makes the learning curve of the server for players just joining a little easier.

Buyable Soul Shields

Soul Shields can also be bought from the Defender on the docks to the Open Seas for Pearls.

  • 1 Hour Soul Shield: 75 Pearls
  • 12 Hour Soul Shield: 550 Pearls
  • 24 Hour Soul Shield: 900 Pearls

Soul Shields, like flight passes, will continue to coundown if you go offline. Soul Shields will only save your items on death in the Open Seas and on Islands. They will not be active in our future release of crew island raids and battles.

Spawner Chests

To compliment Legendary Chests, we’re excited to roll out Spawner Chests now as well!

Spawner Chests will spawn under the same conditions as Legendary Chests. When you open them, you’ll get 7 treasure loot items with 1 Guaranteed Spawner (that can be pre-levelled up to level 5!).

Other New-Player Adjustments

  • Random Drop-off is now free. You must still return to a dock to escape the Open Seas (unless you have a Recall Elixir) but entry should now be a little easier.
  • Killing a player Level 3 or below will no longer count toward kill quests.

Adjusted Daily Login Rewards

  • Increased daily login Gold reward from 50 to 100 and increased the cap to 1,000 per day from 500.
  • Lowered weekly pearl reward to 50 from 100, but added a Legendary Chest every 7 days as well to compliment it.

Sunken Chest Loot Adjustment

  • Tier 1 now contains 1x Legendary Chest
  • Tier 2 now contains 2x Legendary Chests
  • Tier 3 now contains 5x Legendary Chests
  • Tier 3 now contains 1x Spawner Chest

Chests won from Sunken Chests will come unlocked and be ready to open immediately! No need to bring it to Chester and wait!

Temporary Pearl Promotion!

All Sunken Chest Keys purchased in-server cost a reduced amount of Pearls from today until Sunday at midnight! Take advantage of these promotional prices by speaking to the Keysmith in the Black Market!

  • Tier 1 keys are 350 (down from 500) until August 19th at midnight
  • Tier 2 keys are 750 (down from 1000) until August 19th at midnight
  • Tier 3 keys are 1500 (down from 2000) until August 19th at midnight

Other Notable Changes

  • Fix chickens once again re-appearing from Zombie spawners after mob stacking was implemented
  • Adjustments to various charms to work better with mob stacking
  • BATCH charm changed to increase entity stack limit instead of allowed mobs around a spawner
  • Many many many internal changes to prepare for crew islands

Once more, this was more of a behind the scenes patch this week to allow us to prepare for our upcoming release for crews! We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on, and as always, thanks for the support! :slight_smile: