Consumables in the Open Seas


I spend a lot more time in PVP areas on Uncharted than I have on other servers because I find it to be a lot more balanced, and therefore more enjoyable. My biggest complaint, however, is how difficult it is to come across food on this server. I normally go into the Open Seas with loads of melons because I have a lot of those and can afford to lose some, but let’s face it - getting stuck in a fight/chase with nothing to eat but melons can get quite annoying.

I have seen people compare the Open Seas to a Battle Royale map, which made me think of Fortnite. Fortnite added Apples and Mushrooms that, once you consume them, will give you small amounts of health/shield. I think that having a similar mechanic on Uncharted to help combat the food issue would be amazing.

How would it work?
Consumables would be items or blocks that you can interact with in the Open Seas. Upon interaction with them, they will disappear and replenish a little bit of your health or hunger. These may work like how ores and chests do, in that they will respawn after a certain amount of time. You must interact with them for a certain amount of time before being able to consume them, much like treasure chests; however the time it takes to consume a consumable should be significantly shorter.

Consumables leave a lot of room for changes too. For example, the fish from Example 1 (below) could randomly be different types of fish with different rarities. Depending on the fishes rarity, it will take longer to consume and yield more hunger.

Example #1:
In the shallow waters between large islands in the Open Seas, there could be “schools of fish”. These fish will be invisible armor stands that are holding a fish in their hand (note: they should not swim around, that’s way too much work for no purpose). A player can hold right-click on one of these fish for about 3 seconds in order to consume it, which will replenish 1 bar of hunger (and maybe even a little bit of saturation).

Example #2:
There are a lot of large palm trees in the Open Seas. Groups of “coconuts” can spawn under these trees in the form of skinned player heads. If a player finds one of these coconuts, they can hold right-click on it for about 3 seconds in order to consume it, replenishing 1 full heart of health.


I like this idea a lot. The ability to customize every single thing is amazing, it really allows creative minds to express their ideas to their fullest potential. +20


Now this is an idea. Your great thorough explanation made this idea very easy to understand and it’s a very realistic one as well. I am faced with the issue of food way to often and this would be a great way of combating that. Props to you.


Seems like it would fit perfectly into Uncharted with the following development of the server :slight_smile:


I like that Idea :+1:


I like it cuz u run out of food easily as your hunger depletes quite a bit


This is a very well thought out suggestion, Bert. Great job, would love to see this implemented :+1:


Very nice suggestion! I can tell you put a lot of time in to this, and I completely agree with you!


This sounds like a great idea, Totally think it should be implemented good job :slight_smile:


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I totally agree with this suggestion i hope it will be added soon! :+1:


I dont really know about it. For the new players it would be great to add as it would allow them to run in the wz if they lack food. On the other hand it really would only work for a couple of days then most players would go back to buying or harvesting food instead of gathering it.

The health part makes sense and if you really wanted you could make foods give potion affects so that even older players who have the food they need would see an incentice to grab them.


The first point and your solution confuse me you say having to eat melons in a Chase is bad well how exactly is standing and right clicking any of your examples going to solve this

Otherwise great suggestion