Captain Haru's lost Parrot and Cage


After weeks of time in the bared sea Captain Haru has lost his famous talking parrot named Fritz! Oh no! :open_mouth: He sent out a search crew to go and find his pet parrot and his cage. Well, after 4 days of searching privateer RuneGapeJr has finally found Fritz and his cage! Captain Haru wants pictures of his little friend ASAP! Privateer RuneGapeJr will send them immediately or else OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

All role play aside and all things aside, I truly hope everyone who participates get a thumbs up, you all did a lovely job, so thank you to anyone who is looking at this, please leave you comments and suggestions about the build or the story about the build, I personally did my best when trying to do this so please don’t hate to hard but try to be strict when criticizing but I want honest opinions too, thanks and good luck to all the other contenders!


I feel like going with a bigger wodden cage would be better for the build as it goes better with the wz theme and I feel like you really didn’t take advantage of the dimensions but good luck!