Captain Fatbelly's Lost Treasures By Risin [Open Seas Contest]


After years upon roaming the open seas. The mightiest pirate of them all, Risin, has found Captain Fatbelly’s Lost Treasure.
Detail: This build is a detailed treasure chest created with as much detail as possible with default texture pack in mind to keep it fps friendly yet good looking. The green part is supposed to be pearls as we don’t know for sure what pearls look like (currency) I made it look how I thought it is. At first I used different shades of wool but then replaced it with ore blocks as time went by. I’m very happy with how it came out and hopefully gets added to the open seas. I really wish all 3 of the top winners had theirs added but who knows what Char may do as they all look great so far. Good luck to all contenders leave your comments and suggestions below.
Dimensions: it is 20x19x27 or something but I know for a fact it’s under the limits, I just maximized the use of the space.

Open Seas Contest Winners

Looks great! But you have to work on your grammar, its spelled:
The mightiest pirate of them all, Moon and NOT Risin.

Still looks awesome though!


Great build hope you win


Thank you both very much any comment and opinion is appreciated.


I like it but I don’t think the green wool goes well with the overall look.


Great build wish u could win good luck tho


Thanks for the kind words. The build is quite limited and I had to use the green wood in order to make the pearls as that’s the way I envisioned them as there are to sea lanterns or prismarine on the server. Would like more opinions!


Give. Me. Compliments. Give me compliments!


Complements ComplementsComplements


Nice build! Looks great and love all the detail!


Tysm. Excited to see what results come out.


Bring my post up


Let’s see what the rusults say :slight_smile: good luck to all I really hope I get in one of the rankings.