Can someone help me


can someone help me when i go back to my minecraft after minimizing it it freezes for five seconds


I tend to get two or three second freezes when I switch in and out of fullscreen; your problem is probably the same thing. I unfortunately don’t know of any way to stop it from happening or reduce the time you have to wait.
Something else that comes to mind, but probably isn’t actually happening, is a window manager crash. I’ve had various versions of that on just about every computer I have played Minecraft on. Most memorably, when I first got a Linux OS running on my Chromebook, switching the screen focus back to the Chrome OS while Minecraft was fullscreen would cause the Linux window manager to crash in such a way that the only thing I could do was move my mouse and highlight a single button in the corner of the screen. I’ve also encountered full freeze window manager crashes, which are more similar to what you’ve described, but since those don’t generally solve themselves, it would have to be only a partial crash to be causing your issue. I don’t know if there even is such a thing as a partial crash of a window manager…


This would be an issue with your computer. Any lag or freezing due to minimizing or fullscreening, would be your computer doing it. Unless you upgrade you cannot do anything.


Why only mc why not everything


Does this typically happen after the game has been open for some time, or is it constant? If it happens overtime it could be a ram issue (I.E Not enough dedicated)


No it happens as Soon as I launch Minecraft.