Can i get a island reroll please?


is there any chance i could get my island rerolled back to this morning just i put down a sapling and it destroyed my island and my chicken spawner that was a level 4 or 5 and killed all my cows and pigs and destroyed alot of my chests which caused stuff to get deleted please help


How does one sapling do that


It was a enchanted sapling to do with the update I didn’t realise it would do the damage it did do the description didn’t say it could do that kind of damage :’(


If you mean reset, you can do /is reset. I don’t believe it would be possible to get your island rolled back due to that.


Oh ok :frowning: just I lost a lot of stuff because of it like I say I lost a level 4 or 5 chicken spawner and my other animals :frowning: and then when someone offered to help clean up they stole from me they gave back things I remember having but not everything :’( I’m never trusting anyone again


Sad story bud you can trust the veterans not level 10 and under


Yeah it sucks big time i had a real bad day yesterday and the thought of I still have clean up to do on the damage just upset at the stuff I lost :frowning:


:wink::smiley::smile::sweat_smile: Don’t sweat it happens to the best of us


I mean you can, they should earn it though