Build Ideas For Open Seas Contest (Not An Entree)


Ok so i decided i wanted to come up with a list of ideas to help people get some inspiration for the build contest, although it isn’t my job as a creative builder myself and only seeing (Roughly 4 Entrees) I Decided i wanted to help us all out. I am thinking myself on how i might enter the contest, however supplies are limited, and gold is scarce.

  1. A Kraken (Giant Squid)
  2. Black Pearl (Pirates Of Caribbean)
    3.Atlantis (Mythological City)
    4.Tiki Village
  3. Stone Hedge (Historical Monument)
  4. A Massive Wave (Tsunami)
  5. Skull Cavern (A Kind Of Cave)
  6. A Sundial (A Old Distant Relative Of The Clock)
  7. A Mermaid (A Old Tale)
  8. Leviathan (A Big Long Snake / Serpent From Greek Tales)

If you got any other ideas feel free to put in the comments i would be enlightened to see them. if anyone wants me to build any of these in single player for inspiration to build into the server feel free to ask

And lastly Thinks Hard

Cant Think of Anything Motivational just go be creative xD