Buffing Tier 1s


If you have played the server longer than two months, you have seen treasure chests loot tables be changed drastically. Sometimes it is met with great return and sometimes with great backlash. As of now, for higher players t3 and t4 chests are the only ones worth picking up, seeing as legendaries almost never come from chests below t3. To me, this decreases interest in warzone. As for me and for most people in my crew, the only reason to go out is for kills and restocks. Seeing as there is a lack in players at this current time, neither are that common. So, here is my suggestion.

Buff Tier 1 chests again.

When the server first started, tier 1 chests were the most common and the most op thing to get. If you didn’t get higher tiers or didn’t have the resources to get them, you were still almost guaranteed good loot. I think this made the warzone more fun and more interesting for the entire playerbase.


I think if tier 1 chests were buffed again it would not only draw more people but also, be more fair. The reason they were nerfed (from what I have heard) is because they were ‘too OP’. While I agree with this because you would get a lot of legendaries, I also think that is part of the appeal. In my current state, I would consider tier 1 chests useless. They are not worth the pick up and do not give valuable loot that could compete with legendaries. For new players, this is pretty much all they can find/get to. This is not only frustrating and also disappointing, but makes it a harder and longer process to trying to compete with top players. If more valuable loot was in lower tier chests, it would make it an easier and more fun process.


Instead of just backtracking and going back to old tier one chests, here is an idea (credit to my crew members for their help with this, by the way). There is new feature that recently came out called Loot Hoarder, the idea is that the more you level this up, the higher chance you have of getting legendaries from tier 1 chests and tier 2 chests. While you would still get good loot from tier ones and twos with The Loot Hoarder skill, when a high level, will add a chance to get more legendaries from these chests. I understand that Loot Hoarder is something different, based on number of items and not quality, this is mostly just an example. This will not be as OP as what tier ones originally were, and not as easy to get. This could be the compromise of sorts.

In conclusion, while I do not know if this will go through I think that it would be a good idea for not only newer players, but everyone. Thank you for your read/consideration. -fairywingsxox + my gross crew members

Treasure Chests: A change is needed for them

I want to kill people and if chests are good people get chests and people + getting chests = murder, so yes buff t1s.


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Think about it this way: Good Chests = people
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I like this idea, using the new skill to help increase legendary item chance in chests is a good idea. Will bring players back to the warzone for sure. Good idea


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You can give me credit for the loot hoarder :wink:


You suggested it, but I elaborated onto it and helped considerably more than you. Credit hungry smh.


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I don’t think tier 1 chests should get legend items again since that is rather over powered. However I do think they need to make it more possible to get legendary items cause right now it is rather hard to get any. I have opened over 20 tier 3-5 chests before that I collected and only got 1-2 legendary items. So I think they should either add a legend item chance to the Hoarder skill or just make it to where you have a higher chance to get legendary items.


Yes, I believe that buffing all chests as well as redefining what a Legendary Item is is needed as many items that count as Legendary aren’t actually that great. So yeah, I agree there needs to be some changes.

Now add it OwO