Blood Moon Event


Please note this suggestion ties into my Dungeons suggestion, if you haven’t already seen it please click [HERE]


I’ve always wanted more in the open seas other than just chest restocks. So what if I told you
a blood red orb is filling the night of Uncharted right now? What if I told you that darkness
was seeping from the cracks in the ground ready to kill, tear and render anyone that stood in its
way. Welcome to the night of the blood moon.

Where do I begin? Long ago something terrible happened here…

A simple overview of a Blood Moon Event

As the blood moon rises darkness seeps into the blood ridden ground of Uncharted. The killing has become too much, she must rid the earth of us, she needs to destroy us, she calls upon her many sons and daughters to raise themselves from the ground and aid her in her battle against the people of Uncharted. The seas churn red as hordes of undead wage war in the open seas. They kill, they destroy, they feast, until…
A monster approaches, far greater than any of them, far more powerful, for more deadly. WalkingCurse in a god set. I know right? So anticlimactic. I mean WalkingCurse, really? Ah but hush-hush, this isn’t over yet.

The Rising

A blood moon is an event the happens in the open seas. When the blood moon begins it must be night time.
The rising will be announced in chat to all players. At this point, Slay will be disabled in the open
seas and mobs will start spawning. These mobs can range from Tier 1 - 6. Tier 6 is a boss mob and will be explained later.

The Rising Announced By The Captain

WalkingCurse isn’t alone, his crew stands by him. Havoc is here. Risin, the captain, walks forwards and with an atomic war cry Havoc launches into battle. They work like a machine, now it’s the horde running in fear. Now it’s the living killing and tearing the undead to bits. Now the sea churns red but not with the blood of fallen heroes but with the blood of Mother Earth and her minions.

Mobs, Tier 1 -5

Mobs have different tiers, the higher the tier the harder it is to kill them but that also means the better the loot. Tier 1 - 2 are unable to drop legendaries as they are too weak to hold these powerful items. On the other hand, every tier of mob has a chance to drop a random piece of their armour.
If a person receives a legendary from a mob it will be announced in the chat to all players so that people who receive legendaries have a harder time escaping with their loot.

The higher the tier the better the loot and the higher the chance of getting it.

  • Tier 1 - 30% chance to drop common loot, 10% chance to drop un-common loot, 60% chance to drop nothing.
  • Tier 2 - 40% chance to drop common loot, 15% chance to drop un-common loot, 45% chance to drop nothing.
  • Tier 3 - 40% chance to drop un-common loot, 15% chance to drop rare loot, 5% chance to drop legendary loot, 40% chance to drop nothing.
  • Tier 4 - 20% chance to drop epic loot, 70% chance to drop rare loot, 10% chance to drop legendary loot.
  • Tier 5 - 20% chance to drop legendary loot, 30% chance to drop epic loot, 50% chance to drop rare loot.

Note: This applies to there armour as well

Tier 1 Variants
Tier1-Undead-Sailor Tier1-Undead-Archer

Tier 5 Variants
Tier5-Undead-Sailor Tier5-Undead-Archer

Legendary Announcement

With an almighty crash and the sound of splintering wood, the ships of Helpful and Guardians smashed into the wasteland they once called the open seas. Every crew member on those ships could see Havoc in the distance, fighting for everything they loved and lived for. Both crews knew what had to be done. With an unspoken agreement, the two crews charged from their ships matching Havoc’s battle cry as they raced to help their comrades in arms.

Mobs, Tier 6

Tier 6 mobs are the worst of the worst. Or the best of the best. If you can handle them the rewards are greater than that of any other mob but if you can’t, expect to be devoured. These mobs are the bosses of a blood moon event. They have large amounts of HP, protection and there own special abilities to aid them against their fights with the strongest players of the sea. Only one spawns on a blood moon altar during a blood moon event. Once killed they drop legendary loot beyond your wildest dreams.

Getting rewards from a Tier 6 mob requires you to of dealt the most damage to it before it dies:

  • 1st Damager - 99.8% chance to receive a random Key Fragment, 0.2% chance to receive a random Dungeon Key.
  • 2nd Damager - 100% chance to receive 5 legendary items.
  • 3rd Damager - 100% chance to receive 3 legendary items.

Tier 6 Variant

“About time!” Shouted Risin with a grin on his face. “Sorry, we got caught up!” yelled Kelsayyy, apologizing for both her and FMCCC. As a team, the three leaders of the three greatest crews ever to be known on Uncharted moved through the Horde as if they were sailing through a calm ocean. With the legacy of Uncharted restored and differences forgotten it took mere minutes for the combined crews to destroy the Horde and its gateway of entry.
Victorius and happy the crews returned home and now they just kill each other for fun.

Blood Moon Altars

These altars are the only way for Tier 6 mobs to enter our realm, however only one Tier 6 mob can be pulled through every blood moon before the altar has to recharge its powers again. Multiple altars are situated throughout the open seas but only one will work at a time. When a Tier 6 mob is moved to our realm it gives off so much energy we can pinpoint its location and announce to all players exactly where it was warped into our realm.

Blood Moon Altar

Thank you so much everyone who read through all of this. Please remember this all hypothetical and can easily be changed to more fit what the devs want.
Feel free to leave your comments and own suggestions below! If you were confused by the mention of Key Fragments and Dungeon Keys, please click [HERE] to see my thread that explains all that.

Note: This is all created using a series of holograms, NPCs and nicknames and I haven’t actually programmed the plugin myself.

Happy sailing everyone! :smile: :heart:


Sounds pretty cool, reminds me of the “Storm at Seas” suggestion I made a little while ago.


I would love if this came into Uncharted, this would be an amazing thing to have. I support this all the way. Would be awesome to see everyone have to work together against this sea of undead. Please admins add this :slight_smile:


B E A U T I F U L ! ! !


Really like this idea!


i would love this to be added


When Devon says he likes it you know you did good :smile: :heart:


This is very nicely detailed i would love if they implicated something like this into the game.