Birds. The sickest ones around




The representative of the doggo race, Sir Puggo, forges an alliance with the leader of birds, High King Fluffyfeathers. Circa 2018 (Colorized)


Honestly the best bird yet!







Hello there, my catto fren. Now then, why don’t you give me all your snacc before you get into a little accident, hm?

A fluffy birb threatens a catto civilian. (Circa 2019)


A birb posing over the body of a catto, his first victim in the everlasting war between birb and catto. (Circa 1666)












Although this thread was for both amazing bird pictures and bird facts, there is a suspicious lack of bird fun facts. So, I present:

10 amazing bird facts! (Thanks, Britannica and other websites)

  1. The smallest bird egg belongs to the hummingbird and is the size of a pea!

  2. The smallest living bird is generally acknowledged to be the bee hummingbird of Cuba, which is 6.3 cm (2.5 inches) long and weighs less than 3 grams (about 0.1 ounce).
    (Two hummingbird ones in a row, I know and I’m sorry smh)

  3. More than 1,000 extinct bird species have been identified from fossil remains!

  4. Crows are easier to train to speak than parrots! (This one is from _ B1z1_, thank you!)

  5. Crows vs Ravens
    a. Ravens often travel in pairs while crows are seen in larger groups!
    b. Crows tails are more fan shaped while ravens have more wedge shaped tails!
    c. Lastly, crows make more of a caw sound while ravens have a lower croaking sound >:)

  6. Macaws are the largest type of parrot! The largest species, such as the Hyacinth macaw, can span up to 3.5 feet in length, including a huge wingspan of around 4 to 5 feet.

  7. The northern most colony of penguins are located in the Galapagos Islands! The Galapagos Penguins can survive close to the equator because the Humboldt current brings cold waters to the islands from the Antarctic!

  8. Penguins bodies are built for the most efficient swimming with their average speed in the water being about 15 miles per hour!

  9. Cassowaries can run at speeds up to 30mph and jump up to almost 5 feet in the air. They can be dangerous so be cautious when approaching thanks smh

  10. The phrase “eat like a bird” should have a complete different meaning! Many birds eat twice their body weight daily!

I spent 30 minutes collecting these p r e m i u m bird facts for everyone, thanks for reading or something.


image image image


Holy heck I wasn’t going to respond again but look how sick these birds are!!

This type of bird is called the blue-footed booby and is found off the western coasts of Central and South America! They are my new favourite type of bird and I thought I should share. <3


Nothing to SEA here, just a seagull on top of another seagull, patrolling it’s territory.

Two birbs are better than one :slight_smile:


Derpy birb is derpy.


Dapper as hecc birb


Just why are people like this…