Admin items (collector items in treasure chests)


My idea is new legendary stuff in treasure chest these items would be: Kyle’s Pants >Enchanted Golden leggins
:Turq’s Melon>Enchanted Melon
:J.P’s Wood >Enchanted Birch Wood
:Melon Dev >Enchanted Melon Block
this is just a lil suggestion for small items that colectors will like :smile:


Very Creative :smiley: i think that will be nice


Now i think this would be a funny idea

the items are worthless they are nothing but a “prized item”

like iron horse armor called “Turqs Melon Cannon”

Or a Piece of paper called “Devons Grocery List”

I see it funny and a way to make activity a think as they could only be achievable by tier 5 chests

it would be fun to see the items and there names xD


+1 lmao this is amazing


We don’t need more trash in the t5’s but in tier 3s or somethin yea