Additional Options for Banker


As I am sure we all know we have 3 options for the Banker when it comes to making bank notes.
We have the 100 gold option, 1,000 gold option, and then the 10,000 gold option. This suggestion is simple and easy to understand, I would like more options such at for example 50,000 gold or 100,000 gold option so that way when paying a higher amount you won’t have to click as many times. Another idea is to make the max option for a note higher then a million. I know that if I ever quit the server then I will want to put all my gold into one note instead of 100 notes. So tell me what you think, should there be more options for the Banker or is the Banker fine as he is.

Thanks for reading this suggestion :slight_smile:


Considering I make more notes than literally anyone on the server, I fully support this.


Of course this needed ad an option for 10 &1 gold notes


No don’t add those tf. We need bigger numbers cause clicking 100 times on the 10k is annoying.


I meant along with this ofc its annoying to click
10k a 100 Times


Imagine being so freaking rich that you want the ability to create notes worth hundreds of thousands of gold…

Yeah, let’s add this :stuck_out_tongue:


Literally me xd. I spent millions a week on bank notes.


You wanna donate your collection


Definitely not. I couldn’t even if I wanted to, it’s all on my island in locked chests. Also, I like having the biggest note collection and almost all the admin notes ever made. Also, almost 8 million gold doesn’t hurt either.


Meh thought I would try


I totally agree with this adding more options would be nice