About The Reset


Ahoy mateys!

As discussed in our post regarding Uncharted’s shift in management, we are going through with a server reset before our re-release. This notion has caused some controversy, however, so we wanted to take this time to discuss what we reset and why we reset it.

First off…

What Was Reset:

  • Player Islands
  • Crew Islands
  • Crews
  • Vault Items
  • Quest Progression
  • Quest Experience
  • Player Levels
  • Gold Balances
  • Pearl Balances
  • Discovered Docks
  • Discovered Areas (e.g. West Nolem)
  • Kit Levels
  • Kit Experience
  • Kit Cooldowns
  • Island Slots
  • Skill Leveling
  • Talent Points
  • Temporary Flight Passes
  • Island Tiers (Unless they came with your rank)
  • Claimed Rewards
  • Reward Streaks
  • Gem Recipes
  • Rank Crate Bonus Pearls
  • Player Inventories
  • Access to /skills (Unlocked by leveling up)
  • Permanent & Temporary Bans
  • Permanent & Temporary Mutes
  • Kicks
  • Warnings

What Was NOT Reset:

  • Ranks
  • Permanent Flight
  • Unlocked Kits (set to lvl. 1)
  • IP Bans

Why We Decided To Perform The Reset

Before Uncharted was previously shut down, a common request from members of the community was for Uncharted to be reset. Now that so much time has passed and because Uncharted is under new management, we feel as though now is a better time than ever to go through with this reset. While our community requesting a reset was a major factor in making the decision to go through with it, it wasn’t the only one…

1) Necessity:

With some of the changes we have made for Uncharted’s next content update, a reset of items was required for them to work properly. We can’t go into detail as to what these changes are or what our future plans for them are just yet, but you will find out some of these changes soon enough.

2) Balancing:

We want for everyone to start off on more or less of the same foot with the re-release of Uncharted. With old and new players alike, we want to keep it interesting for everyone. If you had god sets, mob and ore grinders, and maxed out kits before, it is safe to assume that playing won’t be as fun for you because there will be less to accomplish, nor will it be as fun for new players who do not have all these things because it will be harder for them to progress.

Gold balances, pearl balances, kit progression, gem recipes, talent points, skills, and other similar features that were reset were done so because they either directly or indirectly provide a “head-start” for players who had them previously. An example of a direct impact on balancing would be kit levels, due to a player’s ability to summon a level 10 kit on the day of release, and they would already be set to dominate the open seas. An example of an indirect impact on would be Gold and Pearl balances, as they allow players to buy items with an abundance of currency that new players simply would not have.

Some of our changes mentioned in point #1 were also made for balancing reasons, and in order for these changes to make an impact, items had to be reset.

3) Dependence:

Likely a more obvious point, but one that should be discussed nonetheless. Uncharted’s back-end is very complex, and a lot of things depend on others to be in place. Take unlocked rewards for example: they depend on a player’s level. If we did not reset player levels, then unlocked rewards would have to stay. Another good example involves quests - if we reset player levels, we would need to reset quest progression, as that is the primary factor in leveling up.

4) Second Chances

You will notice that we are lifting almost all punishments that were made under previous management. The rules will still be enforced by our lovely moderation team, but we wanted to give people a chance to redeem themselves on Uncharted v2.0. We made the decision NOT to reset IP bans, however, since these punishments were only made by Admins at the time and were only used in very serious situations. That being said, we feel as though any IP bans had very good reason behind them, and should therefore remain in place.

In Conclusion

While it is sad to see our hard work being thrown away, we would not be able to show off our vision for the future of Uncharted without doing so. We feel like this is something that our community will learn to respect, and even enjoy, as we re-release. As of midnight of the day this is written, all of the contents discussed in the list above has been reset in order to open the gates for a more balanced and enjoyable version of Uncharted.

We’ll see you tomorrow, pirates!


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