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Feel like you were punished incorrectly? Resolve it here.

We try our best to punish accurately, but mistakes do happen. When you’re banned or muted on Uncharted, and you feel that it was unfair or unjust, we are willing to honor your request and open up investigation via our appeals system.


In order to start the appeal process you will NEED to be Trust Level 1 on the forums.
You can click here for more information on how to reach this status!

How do I appeal my punishment?

In order to appeal, you will need to open a conversation with our Ban Management Team so they can review and investigate the punishment.

  • To open a conversation with our Ban Managers, you will need to first click on your User Icon in the top right corner of your Uncharted window, then click the Envelope Icon to open your message inbox.

  • You will then select the blue New Message Icon on the left side of your screen to open up a new message.

  • From there, you will be asked to Add a user. However, instead of entering a specific username, you will search for the “banmanager” group to send your message to.

  • You will then copy and paste the formatting below, fill out your answers, and send the message for review.

How to Format your Appeal

When filling out your appeal, please be sure to use the formatting below to ensure that it will be cohesive and easy for our Ban Managers to read. It is best that you enter your answers on the line below the question to allow enough space between questions for easy differentiation.

Appeal Formatting (Copy and Paste)

Message Title: [Username]'s Punishment Appeal

Minecraft Username:
(Or Discord Username, if applicable)

Date the Punishment was Issued:

What was the reason for your punishment?:

Why do you feel as though you should be unbanned or unmuted?:

Do you have any proof that would support you in being unbanned or unmuted?
If YES post it below this question
(All evidence must be unedited and show your entire Minecraft client)

Do you understand and accept our server rules?
Answer must be a YES or NO

After Submitting Your Appeal

  • It is important that under no circumstances should you ask a Staff Member or Ban Manager to read your appeal or it will be instantly rejected.

  • Please allow our Ban Managers at least 48 hours to review, investigate, and respond to your appeal.

  • If your appeal is rejected please wait to submit a new appeal until after 30 days have passed, starting from when your appeal was locked.


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