About "Suggestions Summaries"


The suggestions forum is the best place to get feedback from the community about your ideas for Uncharted. However, we have recently been seeing a trend of “Suggestion Summaries”, or posts with lots of different suggestions within them.

We’d like to ask that you please keep suggestions on a one-per-topic basis.



Topics in this category are sorted by likes on the first post. If you keep your suggestion to one per topic, other players can say they like your idea and just “upvote” it quick. This is less likely to happen if they disagree with some of the content of one of your ideas.


Keeping topics as one-suggestion-only improves the quality of discussion for the idea. Players can better give feedback and criticism without having to select many different parts of your post.


It’s very easy to see if an idea has already been suggested before just by typing your topic title. This works less when there’s lots of content to read through first.

Going forward…

Let’s keep suggestions as one-per-topic. Existing suggestion summary posts have been closed, and you are welcome to re-post your ideas using our new format.

Thanks for helping keep our community clean!

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