About Applying for Uncharted QA Role


The following is the format that we expect people to follow should they want to apply for the role of QA Team Member.

Please ensure the format is correctly followed, then send it through to me via Private Message on here.


In order to start the application process you will NEED to be Trust Level 1 on the forums.

Where do I apply?

In order to apply for our QA team you need to message me. Here’s how you start your application post!


When you click your profile picture in the top right you are greeted by a variety of options, you will need to enter your messages tab.


From there you can create a new message.

You will be asked to ‘Add a user’, just start typing in my name and it will pop up with that, click on it and then proceed with your application.



Discord name and tag (i.e Chad#0222):

How long have you been playing Uncharted?

Why do you want to be a part of the Quality Assurance team?

Do you have any previous experience with testing issues and filing formal bug reports?

Any additional information you would like to add before submitting this application?


I look forward to reviewing your application!


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