A Suggestion for Soul Shields


Soul shields, as a whole, helped bring new players in, and keep them into the server. It was a great addition adding soul shields to newer players to let them do their beginning quests.

My problem with this isn’t that.

Upon adding the defender people would buy a soul shield every time they went into the warzone giving them a complete inability to lose their items because they have the pearls to afford it. In a way, it makes the server a bit P2W because they have no way to lose their items when entering into a wz.

Here are some things I’d like to see added, though keep in mind they are just suggestions.

  1. Make Soul Shields have a buy limit, meaning that they can’t just buy a 1hr soul shield every time they go into the wz, make it so they can buy only 1 or 2 soul shields for the day or some other time limit.

  2. Make gear they get from killing other players without soul shields dropable when they are killed. To me, it’s a bad feature that a guy can go in with a god set and kill other players, keep their stuff, and have no risk at all just because they have the pearls and money to do so.

  3. Make it so you lose your soul shield upon dying, though this isn’t the best one, it would make it so they can’t just go in, kill someone, die, and then go back in over and over again without any risk, or extra price to pay.

  4. Add a way for people who don’t go on the store and buy pearls to get said soul shields with a different form of currency, say with gold, for example, 150k for a 1-hour soul shield and 2.5mil for a 24-hour soul shield.

Just some suggestions and my personal problem with Soul Shields at the current moment.


I agree with your points 1 and 2, I do not agree with 3 and 4 though.

An example of people that utterly abuse Soul Shields is Will (no hate on Will, just its insane). He buys a soul shield, runs around the wz in literal tank armor, then if he dies “oh well” he may drop a fragment but that’s it. He still has his gset at the end of the day, so all he lost is 75 pearls, which he can regain within 2 weeks with dailies, buying pearls, or ranking up.

I agree with point 1 that there should be a limit on to how many you can buy, or even implement something that makes it so you have to be below a certain level you cannot buy them anymore once you hit X (X being the rank).

Point 2 I agree with because people like Will (who always has a soul shield active) collect insane amounts of gear because all he has to do is pick it after a kill and he doesn’t have to worry about losing anything.

I feel like point 3 is a bit flawed. It is good in theory, but in practice mainly newer players have the soul shield, if they die once w/e, if they die again then they are reset. That is my only issue with this point.

Point 4 I disagree with because I don’t think you should be able to buy soul shields at all, let alone with gold. People like myself can make 150k easily in an hour, so basically we have an infinite soul shield which would be extremely unfair.


I agree with this completely as even I was on the fence about point 4, and I didn’t take in consideration of point 3’s vital flaw. Though if they had the programmers for it I’m also certain they would be able to exempt those that are below X level from loss of a soul shield with a particular set of code strings. I haven’t taken many classes, but I’m pretty sure an If, Then, Unless sequence should do the job, again I’ve only taken 1 or 2 classes so I might be blowing this out of the water, and for all I know they’re using a different language.


Yea. Overall I agreed with most of it, there were just a few loopholes that would make it where ‘all the new players quit after 1 death’ situation all over again, which is what I assume they implemented this to avoid.


I like idea 1, 2 a bit less and would like to suggest an alterntive to #3:
Make it so that the chance for dropping 66% of your stuff goes up every time u get killed, like the first time its 90% second 75% etc or make the amount of items dropped less with a sould shield then normal. this chance would then get smaller if u die in a short amount of time. this would only reduce the risk when going into the open seas and not be too OP (seen in the pvp standpont of course, should maybe be furter balanced for people who buy soul shiel mainly for getting tresure chests) (a anti getting the t5 soul shield thing would also be nice)

this would only be for soul shields u bought urself, not the one u get from the quest

Now for the easiest solution: make ONLY the 1 hour soul shield way more expensive so that it becomes less OP like make it 150 pearls or more

As for point 4, regular players like we dont have a say in this, if the devs wanted to make soul shields buyable with gold they would have done so. only devs and maybe VIPs can influence such a thing.