A possible crew event


I got the idea that we could may make crew more worth there could be special crew events that happen here and there so for example the game mode might be missile wars and every crew that wants to join gets to choose 5 players for that event and the winning crew gets to move on and fight another crew like a crew tournament and the last crew standing could get a reward depending on how many crews participated so if only 4 crews participated that mean the crew that won only won against 2 other crew so there price might not be something amazing but they all get 1 t5 chest each but if there where more crews the more they win against the others the better there price might get


With raiding coming soon I can see crew events as very much possible as they will likely use /crewtop and rank if using raid/crew points. They could also reward top 1 or top 3 crew monthly for most points.


I think this is a good idea it will bring crews together and give smaller crews a chance to show of what they have and bring more competition to Uncharted