A Guide on Uncharted's NPCs [Tutorial Contest]


Welcome to A Guide on Uncharted’s NPCs!

This is a guide explaining where to find and how to use the NPCs (non-playable characters) on Uncharted. It was made by BCMansa and BCParker.

Let’s begin!


“Where is the mariner?” “Walking around spawn.” The mariner is the first NPC you have to talk to on the server, and he can be found walking around spawn and the docks surrounding it. You will need to talk to him many times throughout playing for various quests. The first quest, “Time to Set Sail,” requires you to talk to the Mariner to start the quest.



There are many ShopKeepers on Uncharted. Each one has a name that relates to what it sells and buys. The Miner sells and buys ores and ore essences. To easily check if a NPC sells or buys something, do /whosells or /whobuys . The second quest on the server, "Return to Town," involves the Alchemist, who sells potions. The third quest, "Journey to the Open Seas," requires you to speak to the Blacksmith, who sells iron and diamond armor and tools. However, some items from the Shopkeepers are not available until certain levels.
List of Shopkeepers: Market
  • Miner: Ores & Ore Essence’s (used to mine ores on your island)
  • Builder: Building Blocks
  • Inventor: Redstone Items
  • Packrat: Miscellaneous Items & Mob Drops (including ender pearls)
  • Farmer: Crops
  • Chef: Food
  • Summoner: Spawn Eggs
  • Alchemist: Potions
  • Blacksmith: Armor & Tools
  • Boosts: Quest XP Boosts, Mining Boosts, Farming Boosts, etc.
  • Plunderer: A place to spend pearls
List of Shopkeepers: Black Market
  • Banker: Creates gold notes at a 100 gold fee (useful for giving other players gold)
  • Ironsmith: Repairs items for a price of gold as well as the resource used to make it (i.e. diamonds to repair diamond tools). Only useful for repairing enchanted gear
  • Collector: Identify essences, runes & gems
  • Wizard: Turns enchanting XP into challenge XP
  • Keysmith: Buy keys with pearls to open sunken chests


The Groundskeeper is a NPC that walks around the graveyard, where you respawn after dying and spending that grueling 1 minute on the ghost ship with the ghost captain. You must talk to the Groundskeeper for the second quest, “Returning to Town.” The Groundskeeper is located to the left/east of spawn.



There are two Captains at spawn. The first Captain is located to the North-East from spawn, and is used to create your first island/travel to your island. When first clicking on the Captain, you get to chose your island. A normal player, or a "Pirate," only has access to the first Island. Each rank has a new island template. Privateer= Island II, Captain= Island III, and Admiral= Island IV. Each island gets bigger, contains more resources and has more room for expansion. But don't worry, if you chose to buy a rank later on, your plot size will increase without having to reset your island. You can then use the Captain to travel to your island and islands you've been invited to, or use /is go. The second Captain takes you out into the Open Seas, the PVP area. There are three docks, Skull Island, Parrot, and Castle. Each new player is given one dock to begin with, and can find new docks while traveling through the Open Seas. In the top right hand corner, there is also an option for a random teleport into the Open Seas for 100 gold, but it can sometimes drop you into water, which isn’t very nice. There is also one Captain on the Ghost Ship, commonly referred to as the Ghost Captain. From him you can buy select items that were in your inventory when you died for gold. They will be returned to your inventory when you respawn in the graveyard. There is also a Captain at every dock that is used to go back to spawn.


The Gold Crafter

The Gold Crafter can be found to the right spawn in front of the Trading Post. Here, players can turn their pearls into gold. There is also a Gold Crafter inside the Casino in case you run out of money.


Pearl Polisher

The Pearl Polisher is a NPC walking around the Pirate Trading Area across from where the Market is. He gives you a new quest.


The Warrior is a NPC walking around the area next to the Pirate Trading Area across from the market. He gives you a new quest.


Sea Keeper

The Sea Keeper is an NPC in the Open Seas. From him you can buy sea gems that alter damage in the Open Seas. a Calm Sea Gem makes damage 0.5%, and a Raging Sea Gem makes damage 1.5%. However to buy the Sea Gems, you need to have completed all three of the Race Quests, which can be found by talking to the villagers at each of the docked ships.



The Chester is an NPC that walks around in front of the Casino, which is on top of the Market to the right of spawn. He gives you a new quest.



The Carpenter is a villager NPC found on the indestructible ship on every players island. The Carpenter allows you to access your skills, kits and level rewards. You can alternatively use /skills, /kits or /rewards, but why not have an NPC do it for you?


The Buccaneer

The Buccaneer walks around the market area, and is meant to show off the Buccaneer undead kit, but also provides a new quest. Simply click on him to start the quest and/or see information about the undead kit.

The Scorcher

The scorcher at spawn is there to show off the new undead kit, Scorcher.


The NPC named "Wings" at spawn is where you can buy flight at spawn and player islands for pearls.

Loot Hoarder

The Loot Hoarder at spawn is where you can claim your daily login rewards.

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