A Beginner's Guide to Skills


A Beginner’s Guide to Skills


In the simplest of ways, empowerments are Uncharted’s equivalent to enchantments. These are helpful abilities that can be attached to an item.

Skill gems, shown above, are used to apply an empowerment to an item. After using a specific skill gem for the first time, you will have the ability to level up that skill by using Talent Points in your /skills menu.

List of available Empowerments:

  • General:
    • Reinforce: Allows your gear to last longer between repairs. (Unbreaking)
  • Armor:
    • Melee Endurance: Decreases damage taken from melee encounters.
    • Ranged Endurance: Decreases damage taken from arrows and other projectiles.
    • Gravity Endurance: Decreases damage taken from falling.
    • Combustion Endurance: Decreases damage taken from explosions.
    • Elemental Endurance: Decreases damage taken from the elements (presumably fire and water).
    • Dodge: Gives you a chance to completely avoid damage.
    • Spike: Allows you to counter incoming melee damage.
  • Weapons:
    • Guard: Significantly reduces incoming damage when you are blocking and facing your enemy.
    • Lifesteal: Turns the pain of your victim into health for you.
    • Poisonous: Infuses your weapon with venom, causing damage over time to your enemies.
    • Piercing: Deals extra durability damage to those you attack.
    • Longshot (Bow): Reduces the base damage of your arrows, but causes them to do significantly more if they travel a far distance.
    • Bloodlust: Allows you to deal more damage to your enemies when they get low on HP.
    • Charge: Deals more damage when you have not engaged in combat for a short time.
    • Headless: Gives you a chance to decapitate the head of your foes.
    • Ignite: Inflicts fire damage on your enemies, causing damage over time and makes them more susceptible to other effects.
    • Frost: Has a chance to temporarily slow your opponent’s movement and attack speeds.
    • Intuition: Increases the experience orbs dropped by fallen enemies.
    • Boom: Deal extra damage based on the amount of players nearby.
  • Tools:
    • Multiply: Causes blocks you break to yield more drops.
    • Brisk: Allows you to dig faster.
    • Magnet: Allows you to attract items from all distances.
    • Insight: Increases the experience orbs dropped by mined ores.
    • Burial: Allows the discovery of ores and treasure chests by digging on your island.
    • Smelt: Mined blocks have a chance to automatically smelt into their cooked form.
    • Boom: Breaking blocks will also destroy surrounding ones.
    • Vein: Breaking ores has a chance to copy it to surrounding stone.


Like empowerments, curses are similar to enchantments in that they are abilities that may be attached to an item. However, these apply negative affects to your items.

I still do not know why you would intentionally use these, but I’m sure there is a purpose.

List of available Curses:

  • General:
    • Fragile: Causes whatever the curse host is to take extra durability damage.
    • Brittle: Prevents whatever the curse host is from ever being repaired.
    • Feeble: Causes you to take double damage.
    • Vanishing: Causes whatever the curse host is to not drop on death.
    • Blundering: Causes you to miss some of your attacks.

Passive Skills

Passive Skills are abilities that are ALWAYS active, and do not require an item as a medium.

List of available Passive Skills:

  • Potion Chugger: Reduces the duration of Potion Sickness.
  • Looter: Increases the amount of time it takes to pick up Treasure Chests.
  • Investor: Decreases the fee for creating Bank Notes with the Banker.
  • Wizardry: Increases the amount of Enchantment XP you can convert to Quest XP with the Wizard per day.
  • Gemsmith: Reduces the cost of fusing gems in an anvil.
  • Runesmith: Reduces the cost of fusing runes in an anvil.
  • Classify: Reduces the cost of identifying items with The Collector.
  • Creature Aura: Increases how quickly mob spawners will produce mobs when you are nearby.
  • Mining Aura: Increases how quickly ore spawners will produce ores when you are nearby.
  • Essence Empowerment: Ore essences will drop extra enchanting experience when they are used.
  • Improved Bait: Improves the chances of reeling something in from fishing.
  • Sea Booty: Improves the chances of not finding junk when fishing.

Talent Runes

Talent Runes serve to level up your item’s abilities, improving it as if it were leveled up using Talent Points. Talent Runes stack with that ability’s skill level.

Example: You have level 5 Guard+ and you put a +2 Guard Talent Rune on a sword, your total skill level for THAT SWORD ONLY will be level 7.

Talent Points

Talent Points are earned by leveling up and from Sunken Chests. You can use Talent Points to upgrade your skills in your /skills menu. These can be used on both Passive and Active abilities, and are ALWAYS active. Talent Points stack with Talent Runes up to the highest level of that skill, but unlike Talent Runes, Talent Points are applied to all of your items that have the leveled ability on them.

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What happens when you max out a ability in /skills and for example you shoot with a +3 longshot bow does it stack or will the ability max out?


It would cap at the max value of the skill


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