1.15.3 - Super Spawn Eggs, Timber, and 3 new /skills


Patch 1.15.3 is live!

We’re introducing a handful of new skills and a new legendary item this week. We’ve been working on dungeons a lot recently, which has been taking most of our attention. For now, enjoy some new skills, a new Gem, and a new special item to collect!

Super Spawn Eggs

Super Spawn Eggs are an easy way to spawn a variety of mobs extremely quickly. Activate them on an island to summon a variety of monsters within 20 blocks of the spawn point – great for finishing quests, collecting drops, or getting some quick Gold!

Super Spawn Eggs can be found in a few places:

  • Identifiable from an Unidentified Spawn Egg
  • Treasure Chest Loot
  • Purchasable from the Summoner once you reach Quest Level 10

New Skill Gem: Timber

Timber brings a new ability to your axes in Uncharted. Hold SNEAK while chopping a tree to immediately chop all logs at once! It’s a massive time saver and will allow you to collect logs faster from your Enchanted Saplings introduced last week.

New Passive Skill: HOARDER

Hoarder is for all the Treasure Chest collectors! The higher the level, the more of a chance you have to get increased items when opening Treasure Chests! What will you find?

New Passive Skill: LOCKSMITH

Find lots of special chests? Become more of a pro at opening them quickly. The higher the level, the more reduced your unlock timers for Chester will be.

New Passive Skill: DARK AWAKENING

Blood Moons don’t just awaken monsters… now players can benefit too! Dark Awakening yields a passive damage buff to all melee attacks while a Blood Moon is in the sky. Bloon Moons are now much more dangerous!


Shadow Sea Festival: Ending Soon!

There isn’t much longer left for the Shadow Sea Festival! If you haven’t yet, join before it’s too late to acquire the legendary Shadowstep Skill Gem, the Bat Cap, and more!

See our announcement post here for details:

Other Changes and Adjustments

  • Patch to allow for /toggleSpawners to operate correctly in the /toggle interface
  • Buying Gold with Pearls exchange rate adjusted: You now get more gold depending on your Quest Level
  • Invisible armor stands will now be automatically cleared on startup - will fix some ghost entities
  • Participation XP during a Blood Moon now requires at least 1 monster kill.