1.15.2 - Blood Moons, Squid Spawners, Balances and Adjustments!


Welcome to Patch 1.15.2!

We have some exciting changes and new content for you guys this week. We’ve been listening to community feedback very carefully, and thank you all for your continued support!

Let’s get into what’s launching today…

A Blood Moon is rising… :new_moon:

Our first Open Seas event goes live today! Introducing Blood Moons!

What’s a blood moon? :question:

A Blood Moon rises in the Open Seas and immediately sets the world to midnight. For the next 30 minutes, monster spawning will be increased, they’ll be more powerful, and they’ll drop more loot… but the hunt also begins!

During a Blood Moon, the focus shifts from killing other players to killing the hordes of monsters! Every mob kill you earn in the Open Seas is tracked and counted - the top 3 players at the end of the Blood Moon event will receive Gold and XP depending on their placement! The more participants the event has, the larger the rewards!

What do mobs drop? :bone:

Treasure mostly! They also have a chance to drop up to Tier 5 chests though, as well - so they’re absolutely worth participating in!

When do Blood Moons trigger? :timer_clock:

Twice per day naturally. Once randomly in the morning (Between 3am EST and 3pm EST) and once randomly in the evening (between 3pm EST and 3am EST).

On demand with Blood Crystals. Blood Crystals can be bought from the Plunderer for 400 Pearls and will trigger a Blood Moon event immediately.

Get your monster hunting gear ready, it’ll be something to prepare for!

Squid Spawners are Live! :squid:

A new spawner type since ore spawners have been introduced: SQUIDS!

Squid spawners only operate in water at any light level, and will spawn these sea creatures in the area surrounding them. They can be bought from the Summoner once you reach Player Level 10!

Market Adjustments :shopping_cart:

we’ve made some changes to prices within the Trading Post this update as well!

  • Saplings now sell for 6, up from 4. :evergreen_tree:
  • Cactus now sell for 5, up from 4. :cactus:
  • Brown and Red Mushrooms now sell for 9, up from 8. :mushroom:
  • Carrots now sell for 9, up from 7. :carrot:
  • Cocoa Beans now sell for 3, up from 2. :chocolate_bar:
  • Melon now sells for 4, up from 3. :watermelon:
  • Diamond now sells for 240, up from 210. :large_blue_diamond:
  • Emerald now sells for 375, up from 350. :green_apple:
  • Gold now sells for 35, up from 26. :moneybag:
  • Iron now sells for 12, up from 9. :pick:
  • Coal now sells for 5, up from 3. :sunny:
  • Quartz Block now buys for 65, down from 100 and sells for 4, down from 7. :bank:

Lifesteal Skill Rework :heart:

For the past month or so, we’ve been hearing requests to change how Life Thief affects the Lifesteal skill gem, and we’ve come up with a fair way to adjust how it works. With this rework, we’ll be monitoring it closely in combat to ensure it’s not too over or underpowered, but we think this change is fair for all.

Lifesteal will no longer trigger randomly, and instead work on a cool down system. Lifesteal will now trigger whenever you attack an enemy, every x seconds. This cool down is based on the level of your skill. This removes the random chance for it to trigger, and it will now activate much more predictably.

The Life Thief active ability remains unchanged.

Island Structure Generators :building_construction:

We’re introducing our first 4 island terrain transformers to the game, to help you make your island feel more like your own, and give you even more resources to sell.

Corrupted Skull :skull:

This evil block will inflict a deadly curse into the island you place it on, killing all wildlife and farm resources nearby over a short time. Death and decay follow wherever this terrible object is set down. Transforms the area into a MESA biome.

Special Snowflake :snowflake:

This arctic block will convert nearby blocks to snow and put a thin layer of snow on others, while freezing nearby water and ocean as well. Transforms the area into a TAIGA biome.

Hellfire Spawner :fire:

DIY Nether kit anyone? Placing this block will convert your area into a mini-nether, complete with netherrack, flowstone, nether brick, quartz ore, and even Zombie Pigmen!

Enchanted Sapling :tanabata_tree:

For the true lumberjack. Placing this down will grow a forest within a 20x20 area on your island. Be careful though… it may be more then you bargained for. Transforms the area into a JUNGLE biome.

These new island generators can be earned from completing quests, as well as found in Legendary Loot from Treasure Chests.

New Quests :open_book:

New Quests are now available for play.

  • Back to the Dead
  • Celestial Uprising
  • From Deep Below
  • Something in the Water
  • Men Or Beasts?
  • Re-forestation

Details can be seen in your /q undiscovered menu. (This means there are now over 120 quests in the game for Uncharted!)

Other Changes :wrench:

  • Enchanted Fishing Spots now last longer: 15 minutes instead of 5 minutes.
  • Black Wool is now actually for sale from the Builder
  • All quests that require player kills will now ask for half the player kill requirement
  • Misc. bugfixes and optimizations


The Shadow Sea Festival Continues!

The Shadow Sea Festival is still live until the end of the month! This is your only time to pick up the rare Shadowstep Skill Gem, or unlock the Demon Undead Kit before it becomes unobtainable at the end of the month!

Check out our posts below for details:

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