1.11.1 - Crew Island Defenses: Proximity Guardians, Trigger Blocks, and more


Our first segmented update? What’s this? Well, we wanted to give everyone enough time to prepare their island defenses before we launched crew battles (raiding), so we’re releasing our first segmented update. This patch contains almost all the tools you’ll need to protect yourself for the oncoming battles being activated - as well as some details about what’s coming with that release, as well!

Onward to what’s new…


We’ve discounted all in-game purchases on undead kits and undead kit boosters until Sunday at midnight (EST)! You’ll enjoy 20% off all undead kits and 40% all undead kit XP boosts until then. Type /ukit in-game to see the new pricing. You can purchase pearls to take advantage of this promotion from our shop.

Enjoy! We have some new stuff rolling out in the coming weeks relating to undead kits.


Proximity Guardians are the core to your islands defenses for the upcoming release of crew battles. When placed on an island, they’ll enforce restrictions for the area surrounding them. They work a bit differently depending on the island type they’re placed on…

Player Islands

When placed on a player island, they can be used to further control who can do what for specific areas of your island. Yiou can restrict entry, building, lever and button usage, container access, and explosions. Right click your proximity guardian to add specific players to your guardian or control what it restricts.

Crew Islands

Proximity Guardians really shine on crew islands. When placed, they’ll offer the same protections as they do on player islands, except when your island is under attack.

Guardian HP

Proximity Guardian HP is a resource that always regenerates, and it can be upgraded to a max of Level 10 to increase both the max HP and regeneration rate. When your island is under attack - enemies breaking blocks within the region protected by a guardian will damage the HP, in order to keep the block in tact. When the guardian HP falls to zero, the protection will completely stop until the battle has concluded.

Upgrading Your Guardian

Guardians can be upgraded for gold up to Level 10, both making the region stronger and quicker to regen the HP. If a guardian has a high level of regen, it means that your attackers need a bigger team to be able to destroy it quick enough.


Guardians on crew islands can also be used as a form of access control, allowing you to set a minimum crew rank to bypass a guardian, as well as a list of players. However, unlike player islands, entry into the area and explosions cannot be disabled.


Proximity Guardians can be bought from the Inventor in 10x10, 25x25 and 60x60 sizes, or found in Treasure Loot (Epic rarity or better.)

We look forward to seeing how these guardians are incorporated into your bases!


Trigger Blocks have special actions embedded within them, allowing you to make your builds and bases more interactive - both for you AND your enemies!


You can find Trigger Blocks as Treasure Loot. Be on the look out!


The shocker block, represented as Stone Brick, will smite any enemies that walk over it, alerting you instantly to their location and damaging them at the same time. Shockers will only trigger for invading enemies while a battle is active. Sneaking while walking over it will prevent it from triggering.


Look out for the infamous redstone ore - proximity mines will explode, causing a fiery crater, the second an enemy steps on it. Be careful - they deal massive block damage! Proximity Mines will only trigger for invading enemies while a battle is active. Sneaking while walking over it will prevent it from triggering.


Stepping on this trapped Jack-o-Lantern will inflict Wither II for 15 seconds. These blocks will only trigger for invading enemies while a battle is active. Sneaking while walking over it will prevent it from triggering.


Usable on any island! When any player steps on one, they’ll be launched into the air! Weee! Sky Cannons are represented as Gold Ore.


Atlantis blocks grant infinite underwater breathing to all players within 20 blocks. Make those underwater bases a reality! Atlantis blocks are represented as Lapis Ore.


Repel blocks will ensure that no hostile mobs enter their 20 block coverage area by removing any that may wander in. No need to spam torches everywhere! Repel blocks are represented as web.

We plan to add in even more trigger and trap blocks as we go, making the base building potentials even more interesting. Toss an idea in #suggestions if you can think of any that you’d love to see!


New quests have been added to the game:

  • Hidden Secrets
  • Face Value
  • Getting Deeper
  • Partners in Crime
  • The Truth


This update continues to set the groundwork for the upcoming crew battles release - which is why we didn’t want to call this a 1.12 release. Crew Battles begin soon, and we wanted to make sure we give everyone ample time to prepare for their arrival.

The Goal of a Battle

The goal of a crew battle in Uncharted is to deal significant damage to the target’s island. Prior to the battle starting, we calculate an island value for the target - your goal is to damage this value as much as you can.

Battle Points

The more damage you deal to the target’s island value before the battle completes, the more Battle Points you’ll win. Battle Points control how large your own island is, as well as unlock a few new things we’ll be revealing in the future.

Crew Morale

You’ll also notice a new “Morale” value being introduced today. Entering a battle against another crew requires “Crew Morale”, which regenerates slowly over time. Morale slowly depletes while your crew is engaged in a battle against another, and will deplete faster based on the amount of players you have participating in the battle. You will be able to continue traveling back to your target island after death as long as your morale has not yet completely depleted.

There are still many details we’re working out, but you’ll see the details soon. We think you’ll love crew battles when they fully activate.

As always, we’ve also rolled out misc. bug fixes and improvements with this patch.

See you in the open seas. <3

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