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Consumables in the Open Seas [Suggestions] (11)
Mob stacking suggested tweaks by Risin [Suggestions] (10)
Additional Casino Slots Return [Suggestions] (20)
Blood Moon Event [Suggestions] (8)
Dungeons of the seven seas [Suggestions] (5)
Level Prestiging ( 2 ) [Suggestions] (25)
Monthly Rank Crates Contents [Accepted] (9)
Removal of /hat [Rejected] (10)
A possible crew event [Suggestions] (3)
New Shopkeeper Idea [Suggestions] (4)
Change the Crew Titles! [Suggestions] (9)
[Suggestion] Player Classes [Suggestions] (14)
Admin items (collector items in treasure chests) [Suggestions] (5)
New Designed /toggle menu [Suggestions] (2)
Crew and Crew Island Changes/Additions [Suggestions] (7)
/toggle Legendary Notifications [Suggestions] (4)
Open Seas Event - A Storm at Sea [Suggestions] (8)
About "Suggestions Summaries" [Suggestions] (4)

The suggestions forum is the best place to get feedback from the community about your ideas for Uncharted. However, we have recently been seeing a trend of “Suggestion Summaries”, or posts with lots of different suggesti…

Jammeh's several suggestions thread [Suggestions] (9)
Customizable island ships [Suggestions] (7)
Uncharted Competitions [Suggestions] (5)
Additional Options for Banker [Suggestions] (5)
Make Fishing More Interactive [Suggestions] (6)
Crew Raids Suggestion [Accepted] (10)
/island logs command [Suggestions] (8)
Currency Name Change [Suggestions] (4)
Overpriced Items [Suggestions] (5)
Able to Enchant Steak [Suggestions] (8)
Suggestion for adding blocks in the NPCS [Suggestions] (2)
A Suggestion for Soul Shields [Suggestions] (5)
New items for Builder Shop [Suggestions] (4)
New island command [Suggestions] (6)
New enchant ideas [Suggestions] (4)
[Suggestion] Wards on the Open Seas [Suggestions] (5)
When inviting a player to an island they should be set to Guest [Suggestions] (4)
New Kit for farming and expanding /dirt [Suggestions] (15)
Player Questing! [Suggestions] (12)
Spawner Charm: Poison [Suggestions] (11)
Auction times too long [Suggestions] (4)
Cobwebs in the Shop [Suggestions] (1)
Make Guest Rank on islands not able with the following things [Suggestions] (1)
Lapis in the Open Seas [Suggestions] (3)
Areas where only higher ranks on the island can go [Accepted] (5)
Farmer Suggestions Part 3- Sugarcane [Suggestions] (5)
Market Additions [Suggestions] (1)
Something almost everyone can agree on [Suggestions] (3)
Lets start a witch hunt! [Suggestions] (3)
Adding a teleport command [Suggestions] (3)
Increasing Price of Gold, Iron, Coal and Lapis [Suggestions] (2)
Additions to /stats [Suggestions] (2)