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Fill up 'em Treasure Chests! [Rejected] (12)
Consumables in the Open Seas [Suggestions] (11)
In #recruitment make it say Crews instead of clans [Accepted] (6)
Additional Casino Slots Return [Suggestions] (16)
Please add Log timer [Rejected] (8)
A possible crew event [Suggestions] (3)
Admin items (collector items in treasure chests) [Suggestions] (5)
Ghost Caption - Skipping Option [Accepted] (9)
Mob Stacking When Mob Spawners Come Out [Accepted] (8)
/toggle Legendary Notifications [Suggestions] (4)
Make Calm and Raging seas only in Open Seas [Accepted] (3)
Jammeh's several suggestions thread [Suggestions] (9)
/report should be allowed in the Sea of the Dead [Accepted] (6)
Uncharted Competitions [Suggestions] (5)
Make Alliances Official? [Suggestions] (4)
About "Suggestions Summaries" [Suggestions] (3)
Island permissions system [Accepted] (4)
Fix the warzone [Accepted] (6)
Add /guild or gangs or clans [Accepted] (8)
Crew Raids Suggestion [Suggestions] (8)
Add a /leveltop feature [Accepted] (7)
Currency Name Change [Suggestions] (4)
Open Seas Event - A Storm at Sea [Suggestions] (5)
New items for Builder Shop [Suggestions] (4)
New Kit for farming and expanding /dirt [Suggestions] (15)
Player Questing! [Suggestions] (14)
Spawner Charm: Poison [Suggestions] (11)
Change Money Note Fee [Accepted] (1)
Farm Growth Speed [Rejected] (3)
Cobwebs in the Shop [Suggestions] (1)
Disable Fall Damage [Accepted] (6)
Nerf the "Your Fame Grows: Quick Execution" Task [Accepted] (3)
Lapis in the Open Seas [Suggestions] (3)
Daily Quests - Void [Accepted] (7)
Overpriced Items [Suggestions] (4)
Something almost everyone can agree on [Suggestions] (3)
Increasing Price of Gold, Iron, Coal and Lapis [Suggestions] (2)
Farmer Suggestions Part 3- Sugarcane [Suggestions] (4)
Commmand tweaking [Suggestions] (2)
Additions to /stats [Suggestions] (2)
Treasure chest Leveling up [Rejected] (8)
Cocoa Bean Nerf [Accepted] (5)
Crew Feature Ship! [Suggestions] (2)
Quests - possible decrease in difficulty [Accepted] (5)
Quest Ideas Mega-Thread! [Suggestions] (8)

Quests are a key part of the adventure of Uncharted. Through quests, we introduce new features, mechanics, abilities, concepts, play styles, and much more. We of course want to keep people engaged by giving lots fo quest…

30 Day Ban For 1st Offense [Rejected] (2)
Open Seas- player camping [Suggestions] (3)
A new kit for all players (/scouts) [Suggestions] (7)
Selling Pupkins in the Trading Post? [Suggestions] (1)
Dungeon Bosses Events [Suggestions] (3)