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Uncharted Rules (1)

These rules may be subject to change. While playing on Uncharted you are agreeing to abide by this list of rules and any punishment that follows, should you break them. These rules apply to all services associated with U…

Guide to Ranks and Levels (1)

We have various ranks and groups in Uncharted, each vary slightly between our forums and in-game community. In-Game Ranks Member - The primary, default group. Represented by a gray name in chat. Privateer - The first…

Approved List of Mods (1)

Disclaimer This list may be subject to change should we decide to review and approve other mods. For now any mod not listed on this page is considered to be illegal and, should you be caught using any, you will be bann…

About the Rules & Info category (1)
Uncharted Community Trust Levels (6)

The Uncharted forums are powered by our community and moderators, but there are far more normal community members then there ever will be staff members. Because of this, we give a little bit of trust to you guys as you s…

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